Increased Earthquake Activity. Fact or Fiction?

Is Earthquake activity on the rise?

Earthquakes on planet earth have happened since the dawn of time and earthquake activity when charted does show some vague pattern with cycles emerging. You could say earthquake activity is cyclical in nature. Certain parts of the world sees more activity than others on a regular basis as a result of being located on or near tectonic plates which form all around the earths crust.

Recently though, certainly in the last decade there has been a huge increase almost a spike in earthquake activity, you could say going off the chart beyond the normal patterns or cycles that have shown up in the past. Even the complete doubters out there have to admit the charts tell a frightening story.

Some scientific explanations as usual
cite the fact that new technology is able to pick up seismic activity with increasing accuracy. This is a good explanation and could explain the apparent increase in smaller quakes but it does not explain why earthquakes of Magnitude 5 or above are on the increase, something that can be felt by anybody within the immediate vicinity without the latest hi tech seismic activity indicator.

It also doesn't explain why smaller earthquakes are starting to appear in places that have never had earthquakes before, of the magnitude that can be felt without the latest Sci fi gadgets. Yes fracking is on the rise and the process is linked to increased seismic activity but this normally gives rise to seismic action within the local vicinity of where the fracking is taking place and is easily explained away.

EL Nino which seems to be the media scapegoat for everything these days, cannot be used as an explanation either because that is concerned with the warming of the oceans that is having major disruptive effects on weather patterns and cycles and air sysyems with 2015 proving to be particularly problematic and ferocious. El Nino is more in the field of water, air and it's movement and atmospherics, not with earth/ ground based activity whether it be on land or sea. I also think El Nino (which is also increasing in frequency and intensity) cannot just be explained by global warming. It's not coincidence that this happening in parallel with other staggering world events. But I digress here, that is a whole other topic

So what is causing this increased earthquake activity? Other reasons could be the staggering world population and it's activities, increased strange planetary activity, something happening in the very core of the earth, the approaching of a solar system that is very much like our solar system that is well documented but strangely lacking coverage from Western media these days. Could be any of these.

When you get down to basics though, there is no satisfactory single explanation that can explain what is actually going on. Just another mystery in the current global extreme events jigsaw.

Which leaves you with just one place to turn. What does the bible have to say about all this? How about Matthew, Mark and Luke from the New Testament

For nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
Matt 24:7

For nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines. These are but the beginning of birth pains.
Mark 13:8

There will be great earthquakes, and famines and plagues in various places, and there will be terrifying sights and great signs from heaven.
Luke 21:11

Mark in particular mentions "the beginning of birth pains" as if the world is going into labour just like a woman that is about to give birth. The waters haven't broken yet but I think we are close and with tensions rising in the Middle East nation is indeed rising against nation. Meteorites, Star of Bethlehem re-appearance, Blood Moons ( 4 of them), close shaves with Asteroids just to name a few that would confirm the "great signs from heaven" Famines and plagues as far as I can see ( on a massive scale) have not surfaced yet with the exception of Ebola but I personally think that is just around the corner. That would be the final confirmation that those very words written thousands of years ago are in fact becoming reality and we are in fact living in those very times. Written 3 times by 3 different disciples, that's not even starting with the infamous Book of Revelation.

Science can explain a lot of things in this world and the attitude to the Bible is that it is from "The world is flat' era and science has proved that indeed the earth is round. That is true. BUT even the hardened atheists and scientists themselves are baffled by the many recent extreme events that are taking place across the globe of which earthquakes is just a small part. It almost seems to be orchestrated by some higher power or force of which mankind has no control whatsoever.

Atheists and Scientists are scrambling for explanations but are starting to think in increasing numbers that MAYBE just MAYBE there is some truth in that Holy Book called the Bible. It does have the answer right under our very noses written all those years ago and bizarrely the vast majority of people even a lot of so called Christians don't even read it off their own back. It's the only thing in my humble opinion that can explain EVERYTHING that is going on in the world at this present moment in time. The question is what is this all building up to?

Scientists and Atheists becoming believers. Now that would be a Revelation!

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