The Twelve Gates Website Launch News

The Twelve Gates website launch news

The latest news for The Twelve Gates Website which is launched today 27 November 2015.

With a recent rapid acceleration in worldwide events the launch date of this website has been brought forward a few weeks earlier as a result. If the world may have passed you by the last few weeks take a look at the latest Tweets at The Twelve Gates Twitter page. If you think the world is business as may need to think again?

The Twelve Gates will be looking in depth at the extreme and bizarre events taking place around the world with conflicts, civil unrest, mass animal deaths, threat of World War, mass people migrations, unprecedented extreme weather, extraordinary planetary activity and much more. People want to know what is going on?

This website is primarily text based with minimal photos and links to media such as news, photos and videos. It's more of an end times resource in a Wikipedia format rather than a lavish Hollywood style multimedia extravaganza. If you're looking for that sort of thing you're better off elsewhere! With this sort of simplicity it enables rapid updates to be released via mobile to keep up with the fast moving nature of events as they happen.

This website is run by a former Celebrity and Fashion photographer who suspended those two perfectly successful websites/business to create and focus on this one. A result of recently being "Born Again". If you are after the details it makes for an incredibly long, highly personal and interesting read available at the Testimony Page. That experience led to the purchase and creation of this website soon afterwards which as you can see is pretty much way out of character and about as far removed from the world of celebrity and fashion photography as you can get. The name I really don't think came from me....neither the tag line. Divine intervention you could say!

I'm based in the UK in the London/Hertfordshire area and have lived in the US for a year way back in better times, so have a strong understanding of the US people and culture and a bit of my heart you could say is still there. I like the people but it has to be said I am not a fan of the current administration/government especially in light of the recent events worldwide. I think a lot of the US people are of the same opinion and are fed up with the lip flapping and nothing much happening.

The blog on this website will delve deeper into a particular subject/topic and the article will be released on Twitter which features the latest news developments which are revelationary, apocalyptic or end time in nature and fit in line with biblical prophecy. This website is Christian in undertone but is designed to be viewed by believers and non believers alike, so religion will not be in your face. Biblical quotes do appear here but in small numbers just to illustrate a point. There's plenty of websites out there with that sort of content, no point for another one. If you need more biblical quotes as far as the eye can see the attitude here is "pick up a bible" it's all there and you can download for free onto your mobile.

This website aims to prove that Climate Change, El Nino events and Scientific explanations can account for some of the events taking place on our planet but cannot explain everything that is happening. Some things just cannot be explained by normal human reasoning. The more you delve into this, even the complete atheists out there, (and I know a few) are starting to think maybe something else is going on here. This website aims to prove that higher powers and forces are at play, things that mankind has no control over and can't even begin to comprehend in tackling head on.

Jigsaw pieces are being placed, positioned and only those who know the bigger picture know the plan that is being implemented right now, right under our very noses. A lot of the things happening now I think are pre planned events designed to create disruption, anarchy and destabilise society and current systems to such an extent a new global system will be implemented and welcomed by the masses commonly known as the New World Order. One currency, one religion, one world leader, one nation.................what would initially, seem like the answer to all the worlds problems. The technology is there now to do it, it's all there predicted in The Book Of Revelations  written thousands of years ago!

A You Tube channel  will also be starting soon and will feature the latest worldwide developments in video format.

Check out the About page for further details on what The Twelve Gates is all about and why this website has this rather bizarre name.

If what I personally believe to be coming is actually coming, then what we are experiencing now as extreme as things are, this is just a warm up session and the real deal is just around the corner. Could be weeks, months or even years and it's been predicted many times before but I think 1 year tops and "The Tribulation" that lasts 7 YEARS will be upon us which will make the current world events look like a paradise holiday in Bali! I'm not going to make any predictions I personally think no man knows. As it says in the bible it will be a "thief in the night" scenario.

This website may seem like complete madness. Then again on first reading so is The Book of Revelations and more to the point recent events going on in the world seem even madder. BUT you will eventually  realise there really is only one way out. The coming course of events are designed to be just so, a choice is going to have to be made you are either on "The Dark Side" or "The Light Side" there will be no safe "Grey" in between which sums up pretty much most people in the world today. The question is will you reach that conclusion kneeling down looking at a wave the size of the Empire State Building or will you reach that conclusion much sooner in the comfort of your own home giving you time to make major life decisions and changes to prepare for what I think is inevitably on it's way!

This website is not out to scare, is not extremist, but it will shock in no uncertain terms as the temperature is ramped up around the globe, it's happening now and it's going to get hotter. It's all gradual clever stuff but it is going on and those who are awake are aware to this fact. The only way to get through to people these days who have their heads buried in computer screens, looking at mobiles sleepwalking down the road and watching the latest Box Set on TV and in between rushing around like maniacs, is to hit them over the head with the proverbial hammer. As I've seen on many websites the term "WAKE UP" pretty much sums the society we live in these days. This is a wake up call and you are invited to hop on for a ride. It WILL be an eye opener and you will be taken out of your comfort zone, if nothing else...... I can guarantee it!

The Twelve Gates. The Time is Near!
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