The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News

The Upcoming You Tube Channel News

News on The Twelve Gates You Tube channel, what to expect in content terms, when it will be going live with regard to updates, update frequency and everything else You Tube related.

You Tube as everybody knows is a fantastic what I would call sound and vision social media platform that when used correctly hits you between the eyes and gets whatever message you have across to the intended audience in no uncertain terms.

The Twelve Gates at You Tube aims
to capitalise on this and will bring you videos in various shapes, forms and sizes as in viewing time but all with the same objective to bring you up to date developments on news that is fulfilling biblical prophecy but is designed to be viewed by believers and non believers alike. We are living in unprecedented times and this You Tube channel aims to relay and make clear what is going on in our world with changes accelerating even as we speak.

The channel will be designed to be an eye opener and a wake up call but without the hard sell, I'll let you reach your own conclusions, I think that is important. Something has brought you here and I think it is more than curiosity. You will find answers.......I can guarantee you that!

For those who just want to see tsunami's, thunder and lightning, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sink holes, strange lights in the sky, meteors, flash floods, hurricanes and cyclones, tornadoes, war developments, civil disruption, drought, famine, the moral decay of society, disturbing new technologies, economic and financial chaos, the emerging new world order, climate chaos, El Nino, bizarre politics, it will all be here and in a Hollywood style but the underlying message will be "Something is coming and more to the point are you ready" It will show the results of extremists and attacks but they will get no glory on this You Tube channel, or on Twitter or on the main website, that's what they want but they will not get it here. If all this is not your thing then you know what to do because that's what this channel is.

The channel will probably start just before Christmas with a short promo feature trailer to give you a taste of what is on the way as recommended by You Tube. Up and down votes will be enabled along with comments. Have your say, call me a bible basher or a New Age traitor, get it off your chest, this channel is designed to provoke and stimulate debate. My favourites Atheists and Scientists are most welcome to leave remarks. Any other religions ...... ditto! If it's worth replying too I will, if it's hater or troll stuff then I'm not going to waste my time getting in pointless arguments OR maybe I'll just kill you with nice words and  give you directions to your nearest church and spam you to death with bible quotes. That will probably see them taking the exit rather rapidly? Yes....... I think that is the Christian way of dealing with that sort of thing.

Potential FAQs

Update frequency initially will be say once a fortnight, it depends what is happening in the news. If there is interest, updates will be more frequent, if little interest then less. Judging by the amount of interest on Twitter I think there will be interest. I'll be surprised if there isn't.

Will I appear in the videos?
Probably not, maybe in voice form, we will see further down the line. I'm not after fame or fortune here or to become some sort of christian media celebrity. I'll let the newscasters and presenters that will appear in the videos claim that fame.

Will the videos have those annoying adverts?
A definite NO on that one. This is a not for profit venture, clean websites, no pop ups, no ads!

What will be the channels style?
It will be a mixture of some channels that have impressed me...........something like Jason A, a dash of Spiro, spiced up with some Lisa Haven and maybe a very small sprinkling of Puritan Pictures. A trailer will be produced to give you a general idea before the channel is launched.

Is this going to be a ministry thing?
As I'm a newb I think not, I think to preach you have to know the bible inside out, have read it at least a couple of times and more importantly understand it fully and have been in the faith for some years. So far I've read The Book of Revelations a dozen or more times and I would say I'm an expert and that's what The Twelve Gates is based upon. The New Testament so far I've read once (once as a kid in a children's bible which I don't include). Currently about a tenth of the way through the Old Testament. There are plenty of other Evangelist types out there that I would recommend that have been around longer than myself. If I set up a ministry now....... doubtless I would have a following and it would be great fun. .....but it would be like "the blind leading the blind". Maybe further down the road when I have earned my stripes, that's if we are all still here but I really think there are quite enough ministries out there............but we shall see!

How long will the videos be?
Anything from a couple of minutes to say the normal You Tube length of 15 minutes or so. Everybody lives busy lives these days and are looking for snack bites of information that are fast and easy to digest. That's the primary aim of The Twelve Gates.

How will I know when the latest update have been released? An announcement will be put out on Twitter pretty soon after the video has been released. The best way though would be to Subscribe to The Twelve Gates channel. That will keep you on the inside track. Current subscriber level at the time of writing was a massive ZERO.

The You Tube Channel has no logo?
The logo is currently being worked on and will be ready on official launch. At the moment the channel is there but in shell form only.

Can I use the videos on my websites?
Of course, embeddable code will be enabled and made available.

Where is The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel?
You can find it here
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