The Illuminati. Myth or Reality?

The Illuminati. Myth or Reality?

This is an in depth article on the highly complex subject of the so called Illuminati. So complex in fact that this article is in two parts. Are they myth or real and fact?, if they are real how do they work, what fields in society is it present in and how to detect an Illuminati presence in everyday life and what to do about it if anything. OR is the Illuminati just another one of those nutty Conspiracy Theories? This is something you have to approach with an open mind, it's not normal everyday stuff,  otherwise you might as well stop reading now!

This Part 1 will look at Illuminati history, symbolism, and how it works and my involvement in the Entertainment Industry. Part 2 will take a closer look at the Entertainment Industry itself and reveal what is going on there ( if anything)

To answer the major burning question Does the Illuminati exist, is it real or just a myth? This is a question that can't be answered with a simple Yes or No answer. We are not talking Microsoft or Apple here, something that is highly visible and quoted on Stock Exchanges.. It's a Secret Society. The best way to answer the question is to backtrack and answer that question with another question "If the Illuminati doesn't exist, would the Entertainment Industry or any other sphere in society, would they be doing the things that they do in these modern times? When you answer this question you will realise that the answer is an undeniable "Yes" the Illuminati or something similar exists and it is real and working behind the scenes!

Secret societies have been around since the dawn of time. They
control things that the average person couldn't even begin to fathom, using techniques and trickery that a NASA scientist couldn't comprehend. The cause of drastic events?...some people say they were probably behind 9/11, the Martin Luther King assassination, JFK assassination, the Lincoln assassination, the Holocaust, both World Wars, Hitler, American Revolution, Napoleon's defeat, French Revolution, English Revolution and many other major incidents throughout history.

Illuminati History
The Illuminati themselves teach that they have been around for centuries and centuries, even during Roman times, and that Alexander the Great was one of their "prototypes" in the ancient world, as was Hitler in modern times.

So what is the Illuminati? It's a secret society (founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776) similar to the Freemasons (which is real) or the Rosicrucian's (which is also real) or The Knights Templar ( Yes Real) Power figures or leaders at the very core in various industries are supposedly a member of this society which forms a core power base. The very pinnacle supposedly being Satan himself.

History of the Illuminati Vid

The idea of a modern ’One World Order’ became popular in the 1700’s with the ideas of Weishaupt and others, and they have been working towards this goal since the mid 18th century. You could call all this conspiracy theory but it is also mentioned in the Bible but indirectly especially in the Book of Revelations. So not only would you have to discount the existence of the Illuminati you would have to ignore the words of the bible also?

Isaiah 8:12-13 “Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them. Make the Lord of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life. He is the one you should fear. He is the one who should make you tremble.

In short the aim is the world and our minds are being prepared to worship the coming Antichrist. If the coming of the Antichrist wasn't near, then we wouldn't see all this preparation for his coming and all this Occult Symbolism being flashed rampantly under our noses with the vast majority of people totally oblivious to what is going on.

My involvement with the Entertainment Industry.

First off I was involved either directly or indirectly in the entertainment industry for several years firstly as a blogger running a very successful celebrity blog which then progressed to a much more direct contact with the stars via Celebrity Photography for a period of 3 years, taking photos of stars sometimes a matter of feet away. Proof? Photos at  I saw many things in that time, some of it good, some not so good and some I never want to see again. I would say in the last year things were definetly ramping up and more in your face with regards some sort of presence. One of the reasons I got out of it! BUT I wasn't on the inside track, the very core or "behind the curtain" so to speak but I saw enough to convince me that something is controlling this, and something maybe not of this world!

As a Celebrity photographer you are on the edge of the Entertainment Industry not at the very core but you are on the frontline and therefore by association are very much part of the Entertainment Industry or as it is called "The Industry". I can't repeat everything I saw, I still know a few people that are involved with Entertainment either photographers or celebrities so no names mentioned, there is still a minute bit of loyalty there. This will not be a bean spilling or lid blowing off expose article but more of a surface scratcher. Google to find out more in depth information. It's out there in abundance if you dig hard enough.

Just like a Grand Master Chess Player you have to understand your opponent. Just like the military you have to analyse and understand the enemy and formulate a strategy to ensure defeat. If you're a Christian you have to understand how the dark side or pure evil works. You just have too! It's not pleasant but it will make you a stronger Christian and your faith will be built on a solid rock rather than quick sand. Otherwise you will get sucked in like everybody else on a daily basis.

The primary areas where the Illuminati are prevalent is the Entertainment Industry, The Media and to a lesser extent Fashion and apparently Politics. In short though it is everywhere.

Recommended video from The Twelve Gates You Tube

The Illuminati in the Media explained with many photos demonstrating the all seeing eye and other techniques used in modern day advertsing.

Meaning of the Celebrity One Eye Symbolism in Adverts. Illuminati Advertisement Technique Video

Why those areas? It's the quickest and most powerful way to reach the largest target audience and permeate into the very fabric of the collective mind of society. Media would include Advertising and News, Fashion would include Clothing, Accessories and Advertising, Entertainment would include Music and Film as in Hollywood and associated Advertising. By all accounts it is prevalent in all of society from World Leaders, Banking, Technology, Communications, Academia....... everywhere. As I have no experience or dealings with those areas I can't comment whether it exists in there. Fashion, Media and Entertainment were my fields of expertise and that I am qualified to comment on, so that is what this article will focus on. It certainly exists there!

How does The Illuminati work? If you take The Pyramid which is one of the many prominent symbols used as a communications medium that's the very foundation. The highest power at the top, the few or one, the lowest power at the bottom and the many. The motto of this structure would be something like "One serving many......many serving one'. Beehives work in a similar way, workers, drones, Queen Bee. The workers and drones serve the Queen but the Queen is also the slave to the Drones and workers. Bizarrely the Catholic Church works in the same way along with many large corporations that exist today.

How does the Illuminati communicate to the masses? Film, Music, News, Advertising and Fashion amongst others. And this is where it gets complicated. Symbolism is the very epi centre of communication. It's quick, powerful and deadly effective and has hidden meaning which the vast majority of people have no idea about. The screen is the major medium in these hi tech times including Cinema, TV, Tablet, PC/Laptop or Mobile.

Secret Illuminati symbols appear in a startling number of places, hidden in plain sight, in popular culture, media, and even architectural designs of important buildings and monuments and road layouts. It even exists in some Churches and Cathedrals!

The most effective message is all about Comedy & Humour, Erotica, Love, Symbolism and clever use of colour, all things that hit the pleasure button in the brain but done in a way that you are not aware that it is happening. Everything we watch, read and hear is a chance for Brain Washing, Mind Control, Subliminal Messaging, whatever you want to call it. You'll focus with your conscious mind on the pleasure message but miss the other things that have been slipped in that your subconscious mind will pick up on. Next thing you know you are hooked into one or more of the 7 deadly sins, but by the time you realise it, it's too late. However, once you recognize the true meaning of a symbol or message, you then can filter them out and their intended effects on us are rendered obsolete. The power of the symbolism is lost. That's what this article is all about.

Why do they go through all this trouble? Pure evil in it's most stripped down and potent format would have anybody running in the opposite direction. Any secret society will know this. Dress it up in the right colours, flashing lights, laughter and fun with an angelic appearance a dash of eroticism and a thumping musical score and now were talking. Think of those travelling fun fairs and you'll get the idea. It works everytime for most people who are not symbol aware.

Does the Illuminati have any enemies? The only true enemy that they see is the Christian church, which opposes all that they do. Because the Illuminati are based in occult spirituality, they despise any group that espouses Judaism or fundamental Christianity these being their mortal enemies. This is because Christians engage in spiritual warfare that hurts their cause. People like me in fact. Ex Illuminati members would be the other threat that threaten to spill the beans.

What are the examples of Symbolism and Gestures and Colour used by the Illuminati?

The All Seeing Eye. Seen on the back of the one dollar bill manifests itself in multiple forms, some blatantly obvious, others more subtle. One hand over one eye would have the same effect, hair covering one eye the same a semi profile shot where only one eye is visible again achieves the same purpose. Making the six sign with a hand and looking through it with one eye is another technique. Obviously winking again sends the same message. In 1935, President and 33rd degree Freemason, Franklin Roosevelt added the front and back of the Seal to the one dollar bill. In Satanism, it represents the Devil’s eye, watching Satan’s followers at worship.

The Pyramid: Can be an actual pyramid, the letter A, V, M or W, it can be upright, inverted even side ways and even disguised or made up of other items but the message is the same. Can be made by body posture with legs or arms in a certain position. I see it daily in ads on the street. Trust me it's out there in many forms, it's so subtle but it is there. See above re one dollar bill. Meaning: the one percent ruling the many. You've heard the expression "1 percent has 99% of the money, 99% have 1% of the money" Now you know where it came from.

The Number 6: and especially grouped in threes is the Biblical mark of the Beast quoted in Revelations. Can appear as the actual number, in letter form, roman numerals, apostrophe or disguised as a number of objects grouped together to make that number or made with a hand gesture to form a 6 and the 3 fingers make 3 x 6

The Inverted Cross: Used by Satanists and is used to also represent The Cross of St Peter he was said to have requested to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy of dying in the same way as Jesus. Strangely used by the Catholic Church who base their papacy going back to St Peter?

The Obelisk: The Obelisk is a phallic monolith standing in a place of power, with Egyptian origins. In pagan cultures, obelisks are symbols of patriarchal control of the masses. These obelisks appear in major cities of power, including the Washington Monument, Cleopatra’s Needles in New York and London, and an Obelisk in Rome at the Vatican.

The Owl: The owl represents the underworld, and wisdom. The Illuminati use this symbol to show their power, and to show that they are the “wise rulers of the planet.” Central Washington, D.C. during the the planning phase forms the shape of an owl. The owl is also associated with the Bohemian Grove, a compound that hosts a secret annual two-week gathering of the most powerful men in the world. There is even a small owl hidden in the one Dollar Bill.

The Flame (Eternal): strong connections with Lucifer and the worship of him meaning the "Bringer of Light" and the "Illuminated" and "the Enlightened". Hence the name Illuminati. Satan also goes by the name "The Angel of Light". Fire can be symbolised as a blatant flame in graphical or physical form or can be disguised by various means but the meaning will be the same. The flame in the Statue of Liberty is a prime example.

The Devils Horn El Diablo: The hand-sign of the Devil’s Horn is flashed by many prominent politicians and wealthy Celebrities. Two outer fingers raised, two inner fingers down. It's an unnatural and hard hand sign to do and is a dead giveaway of Satanic hand gesturing.

The Bellamy Salute: Identical to the Nazi salute done by Hitler with the arm raised at 45 degrees to the horizontal.

The Butterfly: a very strong symbol. MSN uses it in their logo. There are many other forms. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, the change from one being to another. The ultimate aim of all this symbolism.

Pentagram or Star: Symbolises the triumph of matter over spirit. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both believed to be Illuminati Elite, appointed a freemason to include a pentagram in the layout of the nation’s Capitol. Upright it has Pagan conotations, inverted it has Satanic powers. Stars in solid form or hollow are also popular.

The Lightning Bolt: used by the music industry and also The Nazi German SS on pendants and propaganda and clothing.
According to the King James Version of the Bible, it is quoted in Luke 10:18: "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." hence the demonic attachment the lightning bolt symbol has.

Snakes or The Serpent: represent Satan or Lucifer. Think the Garden of Eden and how did he tempt Eve with that apple from the tree of knowledge. He came in the form of a Serpent. A serpent in a circular formation with head eating tail = eternity.

I could go on here with Skulls, Broken Mirrors, Mermaids, The Sun, The Compass and Square (Freemasons) Crescent Moon, The Circle and Dot, The Spiral, Balphomet and many more but you get the general idea. Some videos below that expand on this theme showing how prevalent this symbolism is in our society.

The Illuminati Corporate Gang
Circa 2008 but still valid today

Illuminati symbolism in everyday life. Video

Colour Symbolism.

Colour is important in visual communication. Colour is recognised by humans as young as 2 years old before anything else and can affect mood, thought and actions. The Occult are aware of this and use it abundantly.

White, black and red are popular Illuminati/Freemasonry colours, white being purity, black meaning death and darkness and red meaning energy and life/blood. Red and Black are also the prominent colours in Satanism. Blue is incredibly popular along with purple. BLUE: is the colour of truth, serenity and harmony. Blue was the symbol of perfection to the Hebrews, to the Druids the symbol of Truth, to the Chinese the symbol of Deity, and to the medieval Christians it was the symbol of immortality. PURPLE: is also a colour that will connect you with your spiritual self and again is used effectively.

Elsewhere it has been stated Red, Green, Blue and Yellow such as in the Microsoft Logo are the commonly used Illuminati colour code?

A video below that expands on the Illuminati Colour Symbolism/Programming below focusing on Red, White and Black which are predominantly Satanist colours and where it appears.

The Devils Lightning Bolt and Colours Vid

Corinthians 4:4 In their case, the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe to keep them from seeing the light of the glorious gospel of the Messiah, who is the image of God.

This is the end of Part 1. In Part 2 What is controlling the music industry, Hollywood and the rest of the Entertainment Industry? My personal views on the Illuminati myth/reality debate and experiences I have had and much more.

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