The Illuminati in the Entertainment Industry. Is it real?

Katy Perry and One Eyed Symbolism

This is Part 2 of an in depth look at whether the Illuminati or Secret Society are myth or fact. This article will move on from the introduction, history, how it works, symbolism in everyday modern life and how it features in the corporate world and move straight into the whacky and bizarre world of the entertainment industry. It's a monster.

It will include what I saw as a Celebrity Photographer, the pervasiveness of satanic symbolism in the Music and Film Industry, some personal views on the Illuminati and other Occultic sects, some examples of how it appears in direct and indirect form. Also whether you believe in the Occult or not is totally irrelevant, there are people out there that very much believe in it and use it's power. It's out there, and it 's real, I'm talking from personal experience!. This article will require an extremely open mind, it's not your normal everyday stuff, and if you are a celebrity fanatic, or of a closed mind "this is garbage" or "conspiracy theory" mentality........................ then I suggest you stop reading now!

Still here? I was involved
indirectly in the Entertainment Industry for 3 years, (evidence here ) and 4 years prior to that as a Celebrity Blogger. I don't really count those 4 years as you are on the outside looking in. But the three years as a celebrity photographer, you're pretty much right in there on the front line as I used to call it at the coal face. I was there, I saw enough, got the T Shirt and I left. I have had zero contact with it since, I have zero desire in any shape or form. The last photos I took were 30 June 2015.

This is an article about the truth but is also one where the facts will be presented as clear as possible but leaving you to do DYOR so you can arrive at your own conclusions whether I am a complete nut job that needs locking up, or whether what I am saying here actually could explain what is going on in the Entertainment Biz. What people think of me is not my concern here, I know what I saw. If you do see the truth it will blind you, I can guarantee it..

This article again just scratches the surface of what goes on in the Entertainment Industry, many people will be aware of such information but many are still unaware, a situation that is referred in the trade as "The Sheeple" or "The Sleeping Masses". Some of the videos featured are in the "brain frying" territory. It's a load of jigsaw pieces that when pieced together you will realise it is undisputed that there is a massively increasing occult presence in "The Industry". There really is no debate  .....period!

Recommended video from The Twelve Gates You Tube

The Illuminati in the Media explained with many photos demonstrating the all seeing eye and other techniques used in modern day advertsing.

Meaning of the Celebrity One Eye Symbolism in Adverts. Illuminati Advertisement Technique Video

Before things are started, this article is primarily based on my real world experiences and with some additional footage of  examples of what is going on under our very noses or behind the scenes. Links to videos and articles that carry some weight or feature people who have been in "The Industry" and know what they are talking about, things I've mostly confirmed with my own eyes and experiences.

In no way is this pointing any fingers at stars concerned  or mentioned in this article ( I can't, I was feeding at the same trough for 3 years) . The Industry is the way it is and these stars just have to go along with it. They have no choice in the matter. You are either IN or you are OUT!

Getting any information on any cult or secret society is not an easy proposition. Trying to find the truth will be harder. I've seen many interviews with celebrities who have supposedly spilled the beans and these interviews reveal nothing. Why? 1. They are normally being interviewed by the media so it's not in the medias interest to reveal too much. Think about it? 2. The star concerned isn't going to say much either as they would be breaking a secret society code or terms of contract. 3. Spilling the beans would come with consequences hence interviews will come with a lot of lip flapping, yes or no answers, woolly phrases and humour and jokes thrown in skirting the issue, but nothing much beyond that will be revealed.

That's why you will not find much from the stars that is concrete say on places like You Tube or those TV celebrity chat shows. You have to dig very hard and deep. Twitter and Facebook again, words will be said by celebrities via their account but 1. Celebrity accounts are not always run 24/7 by the celebrity concerned but via a third party and 2. What is said will all be in code, watered down, no procedures, names or parties mentioned or fingers pointed. They are not that stupid. Again there would be consequences.

The Pyramid:

From what I saw in my day to day experiences, the Entertainment Industry forms a pyramid structure and was something along these lines below ,(I'm talking right at the coal face here) the masses at the bottom, the ultimate power at the top. Made up of 9 levels. The higher up you go in the pyramid the nearer you get to the source of power and consequently the more power you have.

Level 1 General public and fans of the star concerned
Level 2 Autograph hunters and dealers.
Level 3 Paparazzi and Event Photographers and Videographers
Level 4 Event organisers and Security and other officials and chauffeurs.
Level 5 The media including News, TV and Online, Radio, Papers, Magazines
Level 6 The celebrities and stars
Level 7 Directors of the global record labels, TV, Radio and Hollywood Film Companies
Level 8 The Secret Society or Occultic Sect
Level 9 The Chief Commander as called by Bob Dylan

That's the pyramid as I saw it. I was Level 3. The chief Commander is that which the Secret Society gets their power from. Call it Lucifer, The Devil, Beelzebub, whatever you want. Level 8 and 9 are behind the curtain or the Inner Circle and out of view. Levels 1-7 are not. The power increases with the highest at Level 9 but it can work in reverse. If Level 1 suddenly declines live performances, refuses to buy music, promotional material and unsubscribes en masse to all social media then a star at Level 6 has lost their power. So it's a two way flow.

The Process:

I've had friends in the music industry that were on the verge of the big time, and both film and music are creative endeavours and a form of human expression. It comes from "The Soul".  The photography I was doing is the same thing. This is a very important point to remember as you will see later. All potential stars start at the beginning and move slowly up the ladder and become better known, songs may reach the charts, films may make some sort of box office impression but the big time still seems an eternity away. They will be known for a particular musical style or acting style and film genre. Unique is a word that springs to mind.

They will continue on this route for maybe years maybe get a little bigger in star terms but after a certain period of time it will dawn on them in no uncertain terms that a brick wall has been reached. There is a door in this wall which is closed. They know to progress any further they have to knock on that door. If they don't know, it will be made abundantly clear in some shape or form.

And that is how it all starts!

The Beginnings:

You will hear things mentioned on what is on the other side of that door, a room, people in a circle, a chat and a contract to be signed. The chat will be something along the lines you do this, this, this and this and in exchange you will get that, that, that and that. Nothing new there it's been like that in Entertainment for Aeons.

The this would be probably a change in appearance including agreeing to changed choreography, clothing styles pre picked, agreeing to inclusion of occult symbology, flesh flashing, signing of some sort of official secrets act, a change in lifestyle, as in you adopt the celebrity lifestyle and divorce yourself from the world but still part of it and much more. More importantly some timeline contract that could run for a minimum of a couple of years with album and live performance duties that MUST be performed.

If you agree to this The That, That, That and That would include what you would get in return. The 3 F's Fame, Fortune and Fans are a given. You would suddenly appear multiple times in all forms of media hard copy and web. You would attend celebrity events, appear in TV and Radio and this would coincide very nicely with a new single/album/film/tv show release. Number 1 in the charts would be a distinct possibility, box office success and awards with regard to film also a distinct possibility. Social media accounts would go viral with followers in at least the hundreds of thousands heading to over a million and beyond in a very short period of time. Further down the line if you do more extreme versions of This and This then the That and That would result in a movement from C Lister to B Lister to A List status. World tours would be the result and global recognition. Further down the line Major brands will fight over you to become their flag carrier further boosting your fame and fortune and fan base even further.

It all sounds a dream come true and initially it is, but as we have seen with many stars it can all go pear shaped. You get on a Merry Go Round and things are great but eventually it goes faster and faster, you want to get off and you realise you can't, it's going to have serious consequences. That's when the problems start.

The Sacrifices:

It becomes apparent that some major sacrifices have been made often jokingly referred to in the trade as "Selling your soul" or "I sold my soul to the devil". You realise you have creatively sold out and are performing music that bears no resemblance to your original music ditto for film. You have become a puppet and a vehicle for promoting an agenda that you may not agree with but the money sure is nice. The privacy you once had has also disappeared and you become a commodity for the gossip rags with every aspect of your life analysed for the world to see. Your every move is watched 24/7 and something embarrassing or strange makes you a front page headline.

You  realise your life is heavily controlled. It also becomes difficult to do normal everyday things like pop into McDonalds for a Strawberry shake or even pop into say Top Shop. You end up wearing shades to disguise yourself (never works) and you spend your life with friends that also have to be celebrities. Marriages strangely never seem to last either, with the 7 year itch being relevant, many marriages last a lot less, some a matter of a few months. There are exceptions, but they are just that.....exceptions. Another example of the heavy price that is paid for this fame. A lot of stars bizarrely end up bankrupt, when their star is no longer in the ascendant and the next new big and younger thing takes over, many stars have a hard time adjusting to a falling income and carry on as normal living the A List lifestyle they have grown accustomed too. With huge money going out, not much coming in. Result Bankruptcy. One star I know that was massive a couple of decades ago was spotted virtually unrecognisable living in a bedsit in Paddington! Not all stars end this way, some manage to survive for decades and thrive on it Madonna being a case in point.

The Tipping Point:

At this point this is where some stars wake up, see the light and try to get out of "The System" and maybe set up their own record label or do independent film or theatre, some even go Religious and turn Christian. Sometimes this works but it is an exception rather than the rule. Some stars that have got out and maybe done a "Kiss and Tell" have either hit some extreme bad luck and ended up in obscurity or oblivion, had a serious accident, a close relative has died, or they have died in unusual or distressing circumstances. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson being a case in point. This happens too many times for it to be a coincidence. There is also the infamous "27 Club" that has many major stars who died at 27 as members, again under distressing circumstances usually via overdoses or something similar. Sometimes even the success comes at a heavy price. There is a phenomenon called The Oscar Curse, real or not it is an example of "sacrifices" that have to be made for this success

The Oscars Curse Does it exist? 13 actors that were affected

Mysterious Celebrity Deaths courtesy Time

The 27 Club Myth or Fact? Via Wikipedia

The Problems:

Mental and anxiety issues are common amongst celebrities. Britney Spears and her meltdown being one of the most publicised cases in point. She managed to climb out of it but it was a long and highly publicised battle.

Illuminati Rebellion. It will cost you your life! Britney Spears

Bi Polar disorder and Alter Ego's are common such as Nicki Minaj becoming "Roman" and Beyonce becoming "Sasha Fierce". Strange behaviour such as not being able to look themselves in the mirror and reported demonic presences are also common. If you're dabbling in the Occult, these things will happen.  A lot of stars also become drug addicts or alcoholics to lift their performances to the larger than life levels that are expected from the Music and Film Companies. Stars that have been around some time and are ageing come under pressure for cosmetic surgery and come under figure/body pressure as well and consequently can suffer bulimia, anorexia and other disorders as a result. Self esteem issues can also manifest. The entertainment biz is a cut throat world. The Entourage becomes a necessity along with the high cost that goes with it, with an army of stylists, PA, PR, security, agents, chauffeur, manager, lawyers, fashion advisers, social media experts, the list goes on and on.

What I saw as a Celebrity Photographer.

As a photographer you are in a privileged position to get a ringside seat at events and many photos were also taken when the stars were away from such events in casual mode. So you see a lot, some good, some bad and some I really don't want to see again. Some celebrities I used to see on a daily or weekly basis. The bigger names less so. I could see the changes what I would call the "Butterfly Effect" that transition period from rising star (caterpillar) to the BIG CHAT and metamorphosis stage (chrysalis) and onto the new creation ( the butterfly). The change (especially in music) would be characterised by a sudden No1 that was out of the blue and the music was a definite departure from their previous offerings. I used to call it that they had "Sold Out", the appearance had changed and you could detect something different about them, this would be the new media hot sensation. Butterfly symbolism strangely enough is pretty pervasive in the Entertainment Industry and subliminally reflects the ultimate goal. I've seen this too many times at close quarters to be a coincidence.

Taking photographs of stars at close quarters reveals a lot but it's mainly the Upper B Listers and A Listers where it is most apparent. Jewellery, colours of clothing and styles, hand gestures and hidden symbolism, sometimes it's very subtle but it's there. When it's part of your life you're not even aware you are doing it.

As mentioned earlier cosmetic surgery is common. Sometimes photos were taken months ago of a star and then you see the same star again and you can see they've had some work done on the face, nose slightly different, the sudden disappearance of crow lines and the appearance of the frozen smile Botox look (like the Joker out of Batman). The older stars were prone to this, mainly women. The pressure is there to remain eternally youthful. The thing is when this is done, if you look closely the face doesn't match the hands and the neck. Technology and surgery and all the money in the world at present cannot change/address those things. Unfortunately you notice these things as a photographer. You have too, it's your job to make them look a million. Airbrushing of older stars is common in the media as most people are aware, even the younger stars it is becoming common. Another by product of being under the constant media spotlight.

When you've got a DSLR camera with flash and grip, as in " bigcamera"  to these celebrities = media and they do pose up for the camera if you speak to them with the right terminology and attitude which meant cold and clinical and professional. If you are screaming hysterically like some crazed fan = amateur = no picture. They know photo + story = exposure the very lubricant in the machinery of "The Industry". Without it, everything comes to a standstill. Sometimes you would be ordering a massive star to strike this and that pose with ease, the power though was not from yourself but the media machinery you were representing. The bigger names were all too aware of that. I could go on here but pictures speak louder than words

The dead giveaway for me when taking photos of stars on a regular basis who were about to "Blow Up" was either the absence of tattoos or piercings or minimal to an explosion of these things when they had turned. In the Old Testament this is vaguely mentioned:

You must not slash your body for a dead person or incise a tattoo on yourself. I am the Lord.
Lev 19:28

It normally starts with one small one then spreads to more and bigger. When you are at close quarters you notice these things. Doesn't matter what the tattoos are, but occult symbology was in there quite frequently. Stars and butterflies being common.

Increasingly wearing shades was another giveaway especially at night or on a cloudy day, I used to think it was to look cool or  dull the paparazzi flash guns but getting near the end of my "Industry" journey I wasn't so sure.

The pervasiveness of satanic symbolism in the Music and Film Industry.

The symbolism in music and film has been increasing exponentially in the last couple of years and quite blatantly to the extent it's becoming the norm. It exists from Children's TV such as Nickleodeon, The Simpsons and South Park right through to TV and Film in Hollywood. In the music industry it's almost rampant to the extent if the Symbolism is taken out, the video is seriously lacking something. People are used to this stuff now and are hooked and want more of it. The All Seeing Eye and the Pyramid being the most common. See part 1 article for other examples. These symbols will be in jewellery, clothing, props and backdrops, backgrounds, on the floor or any other way they can be slipped in. Why are they doing this. See the article on the New World Order. It's the only explanation that makes any sense.

The real truth behind Illuminati Symbolism Warning Contains swearing 10:50-11:15

The inverted cross is a recurring motif in punk rock, black metal, and heavy metal, where it is embraced as symbol of anti-authoritarianism and defiance (but not necessarily Anti-Christian), and is featured in the iconography of punk-themed fashion label Cheap Monday, hip-hop collective Odd Future, worn by fictional bassist Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz, and throughout the rock opera American Idiot based on the music of Green Day.

Hand signals abound in the music industry, The 6, The Pyramid, Two Finger Salute, The Devils Horns and stacks more. Illuminati Signs Article

Music video choreography if you watch closely always has a similar theme regardless of genre, this sort of jerky, mesmerising movements with the mock pray, hand chopping, hip swing, the twirl, laying on back wriggling legs, the close up suggestive look, the finger suck, the hair toss, the high leg kick, the catwalk, hand over 1 eye, shades down, the bend over, the hand on hip, revealing one eye and and on. Some of these are done so fast and in multiple combinations it's hard to spot but your subconscious mind picks up on this stuff. It's all sorcery and Occultic communication and if you are aware of how this all works it's hilarious to watch.

Illuminati Dance Exposed Vid: taking you right into dance routines, their names and origins, how they are incorporated into modern music video choreography and also some blasts from the past showing it has been in the Entertainment Biz for some time. Krumping, Flexing, Tutting, Turfing which seems to be particularly pervasive in R&B and Hip Hop.

What I call music targeting is another trick. Music recorded and speeded up a miniscule fraction makes the artist sound younger and will target a younger audience. Slow it down a minute fraction and the mood is changed and will appear to a completely different market. I don't need to go into Auto Tune here, everybody is aware of this but this achieves a similar effect. Another Industry trick.

Clothing or the lack of it is all important, common is the arriving fully clothed or in a coat then rapidly stripping off revealing what's underneath which normally isn't much once the music starts proper.

Props, lighting, background will all get the same treatment using symbology, colour, creative lightning or all of these. Recently awards events have had an increasingly Satanic theme with not only the live performances, but the host and the audience involved as well.

Some personal views on the Illuminati and other Occultic sects

People in the know in the Entertainment Industry realise that Secret Societies are controlling the game that are Occultic in nature. The emphasis is on the plural as there is more than one out there, the main presences I would say are Freemasonry, Illuminati (offshoot of Freemasonry) and the Jewish mysticism cult/sect that is the Kabbalah.Voodoo is also getting a look in.  Quite a few big names are tapped into that Kabbalah with Madonna being one of the most recognised bringing it into prominence.

The latest phase is what I call the "Christian Capture". Some of the recent and biggest names either were devout Christians or they were brought up in a religious family that were heavily Christian. This is the ultimate snub to Christianity and a major victory for the Occult. Names like Katy Perry and the more recent Ariana Grande are prime examples. The more innocent looking the better!

You've got to realise that everything the Entertainment Industry represents flies in the face of Christianity which is all about, peace, humbleness, caring and putting other people first and the self last and not being "of the world". Being a celebrity puts the self first, you are of the world and worshipped by it, humbleness goes right out the window and the focus is fame and stardom, fortune and materialism becoming god like in status with fans being your worshipers. Armies of them. If you become God like you cannot worship God.There is a bible quote that sums up this clash of interests

No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.
Matt 6:24

Some examples of how it appears in direct and indirect form and what goes on behind the scenes.

Illuminati Compilation Vid: Old but good especially at around 11 mins some truths there but pans out mid way through

The Crazy World of Backmasking!

Enter the crazy world of backmasking? What is Backmasking? This is where subliminal messages are slipped into a song but are only revealed when played in reverse. The complex ones only reveal themselves when slowed down and reversed at a precise speed. The worrying thing though is if played normally as in forwards, is that message still getting through but subliminally. That's a scientific subject that I'll leave to the scientists. It is a thought though!

Sometimes this backmasking is complete garbage but you will plainly hear words such as Lucifer, Satan or some sort of reference to him in some shape or form. Some songs have quite complex lyrics but always Occultic in message. This is not new, this has been tried way back in the 60's and 70's via massive names such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. It's a highly debatable topic and one if you're not careful can send you to the Nut House. This theory is not that dissimilar to The Bible Code, searching around for things that are not immediately apparent. in the wrong hands this information can only lead to a dark place.

I spent about 5 hours over 2 days listening to this stuff to arrive at half a dozen current tunes that give you an idea what this theory can reveal. A lot were ditched as the subtitled interpretations just had no resemblance to what I was hearing. One thing has to be said, message or no message a lot of these songs when played backwards sound strangely half decent and I had a hard time getting these songs out of my head. Church Choral music  such as Nordic Chamber Choir - O Magnum Mysterium one of my favourites. That kicks out it out of your head pronto!

The videos below are reversed from some of the major names of our time. Some have the actual music video as well, most have interpretations and subtitles. 2 have been included that gave no interpretation or subtitles but you will definitely hear one word in both of them. Some sound like some bizarre Occult language is being spoken, it's certainly doesn't sound like gibberish. Listen and form your own opinion but be WARNED this is absolute Nut House Territory! If you just turn down the sound and ignore the backmasking vocals there's still stuff going on here, The Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga videos blatantly so.

Like with everything in life you can see things you want to see and hear things you want to hear, so these are to be taken with a pinch of salt. BUT this is another example how Pure Evil works, it's not going to stand there with flames, red skin, goat like eyes and pitch fork and a long tail. It doesn't work like that. It will come via the backdoor, through the roof and up through the drains and plumbing and disguised at that. It has to, otherwise people wouldn't accept it in it's purest form.

Miley Cyrus wrecking ball censored version

Taylor Swift Blank Space Reversed Backmasking. Very strong definite Subliminal Messages

Beyonce Sweet Dreams Reversed

Ariana Grande Baby I Reversed

Lady Gaga Paparazzi Reversed

Ariana Grande Focus Reversed

The Final Word:
After reading all this and watching the numerous videos if you still think that what is going on in the Entertainment Industry is normal, that's a view you are entitled to have but I think the case for Secret Society involvement in "The Industry" is stronger than for no involvement whatsoever argument. That's my view and I've been there!

What can somebody do about this presence. The extreme case would be to not watch TV, Films, Music Videos or listen to music, avoid the internet, don't read Newspapers, Magazines, don't look at advertising billboards, bus sides, shop windows, bus stops, tube station advertising, the list goes on. It's everywhere so that route is not a viable proposition. Armed with the knowledge from these two articles though, the effects of this subliminal satanic mind control garbage, and it is garbage, will be minimised or have no effect whatsoever. You can even end up doing what I do and that is laugh at it!

Last but not least I put this to you. If a cult/sect or Religion has to resort to all the above techniques to get you to sign up, techniques that even a second hand car salesman selling a complete Lemon car wouldn't even dream of,  what does that say about said Cult/Sect/Religion?

I rest my case!

Bible Quotes:

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. James 1:13

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Cor 15:33

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