The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News Feb 2016

The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News Feb 2016

The latest news on The Twelve Gates Video Channel February 2016.

The first video for this channel was uploaded on Sunday 31 January and features 15 minutes worth of video news that I think are Prophetic in nature. If you check The Twelve Gates Twitter Page and look at the month of January, there was stacks of things going on but this first video highlights the most important headlines. Video link below.

Prophetic News Watch January 2016 Video

Zika, The Financial Markets, Biblical Style Storms around the world, multiple tornado touchdowns in a small area at the same time, and increasing Australian Bush Fires. All these things are classed as " not the norm" and have a Biblical ring to them.

Updates on this channel will be a minimum of monthly featuring a video news summary of the last month. If there is interest beyond 10 views in 24 hours then videos may be weekly as well as a monthly summary. It's a new channel and just like Twitter it's going to take a while to build up a following

Any FAQ's on this channel head over to the You Tube Channel launch news article posted November 2016.

The video uploaded will be the initial format something along the lines of the Jason A You Tube Channel. There maybe some other formats where yours truly will appear (in voice form) commenting on a significant event that has materialised. Something along the lines of the Spiro You Tube Channel that has featured on the Twitter Feed. Both these video channels videos will still appear at The Twelve Gates Twitter unless the featured content duplicates what has appeared on a Twelve Gates Vid.

Videos will intentionally be advert free BUT because of the nature of You Tube some featured content may have to have an advert in place. I don't make any money on those adverts in case you're wondering.

Currently working on a logo for The Twelve Gates website and You Tube Channel. The current keyhole logo (naff I know) is just a temporary state of affairs and will be replaced in the near future. It was done to get the channel off the dreaded egg status.

The video update link will appear on the Twitter updates page but Subscribing to the channel is probably the best bet as you will be on the inside track and get extra features. Further news on that in the future!
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