The Twelve Gates News March 2016

The Twelve Gates News March 2016

The latest news from The Twelve Gates including the website, Twitter social media and the NEW You Tube Channel. What's happening and future plans.

1. Behind the Scenes Technical Issues

Having problems with my mobile at present hence the erratic updates. Being looked into, basically the battery is fine but was run down to totally flat the other day and now will not accept a charge and just keeps booting up, stopping the reboot and then shutting down. As per ususal it's just outside the 12 month guarantee but way off the end of a 24 month contract. Hope to resolve this issue by the end of the week. In the meantime updates will be as and when.

2. The Website

The Twelve Gates website has had a recent change of design, still minimalist with the focus on content rather than loads of distracting in your face things going on. The design is similar to the previous one but is a bit more social media friendly with the ability to retweet an article
and clearly visible icons on the main page that take you to Twitter/You Tube/RSS Feed. The title and header are scaled down compared to the previous offering again leading the eye to the all important content.

Articles are currently running at once a week as most do take a lot of research and I personally do not have a meteorology, NASA or equivalent field of study background and some are quite complex. The more biblical/religious ones are more of the same. Subjects I am familiar with the articles still require in depth research so still take some time. BUT the articles are proving popular and it is being looked into to produce maybe a couple of smaller articles maybe news commentary or something similar or a quick post of a few photographs/video that caught my eye maybe once or twice in between the main weekly article.

3. You Tube

The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel is a slow starter and this channel went officially live with its first video late January 2016 called Prophetic News Watch January 2016. Not a blistering amount of interest in viewing terms and that video was produced on my mobile at 360p quality. Maybe that's the reason, or maybe it's still a new channel in You Tube terms.. Looks OK on small devices but a bit blocky on laptops, PC's and bigger tablets upwards. Very fiddly producing a video on a mobile when trying to edit frame by frame but it can be done, but the end result and the viewing numbers says it all.

After a lot of thought I've invested in a Laptop and installed a Mid Range Video Editor which is not what I'm used to using but after a few attempts produced a vastly superior video which was released on 27 February 2016 called Prophetic News Watch February 2016 in 720p which is the best compromise between video quality without becoming a data hog on a mobile. The video is not bad, a few rough bits here and there but getting there. Views were double of the last video in a month reached in 24 hours. Still learning this software but the March issue of the video should be even better. A backup video to this weeks article is also being worked on at present. Currently videos are released at once a month but with the release of the last video showing some sort of increase in numbers, videos maybe produced fortnightly or even weekly in the future, again subject to numbers.

The Channel is still at zero subscribers, maybe because of the Twitter presence and the video release being announced there, that negates the need for a subscription, but that side of things is also being looked into, maybe a newsletter or something similar only available at the You Tube channel may clinch the deal.

The format of the videos at present is "mash up compilations" of the latest news with some decent atmospheric sound tracks and at present bible quote free but some will be making their present known on future productions. A logo for the intro is being looked into and other formats of video are being looked into such as news commentary or something similar. Watch for further news!

4. Twitter

The Twelve Gates social media presence on Twitter has reached the 10K mark this weekend, which proves that maybe it's dawning on people that these End Timer types are not the "Loons" everybody makes them out to be, myself included. Tweets at present run at 3-4 a day minimum when it's quiet right up to 10-12 when it's a busy day. Any more than that and things in my opinion are getting a bit spammy. Tweets are spread throughout the day with a few normally in the morning at 7ish (when my phone is working) some at 10-11ish, a couple at lunchtime , couple early evening and the odd one or two late evening. That's Monday to Friday, on the weekend things slow down a bit with about 3-4 tweets being the norm and more emphasis on video content when available.

More news sources are being looked into which are a bit more out on the edge and the use of the mainstream media less and less so. Everybody follows The Guardian, Independent and the BBC etc, no point me retweeting or rewording a headline and linking it. The mainstream media will still be used but less than has been in the past and more reliance will be placed on specialist media as this is a specialist topic website and Twitter page. The Twelve Gates is looking to be a first stop End Times news source rather than a second or third hand one.

Tweets are a mixture of extreme weather, religion, strange sounds and sights, planetary activity and the cosmos, biblical news and events that are not your normal run of the mill headlines, Videos and articles and photos. Still looking at other ways to increase engagement on this Twitter and other uses that it can be put to rather than just tweeting and retweeting.

As always watch for further news and developments at Twitter
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