The Twelve Gates Website News June 2016

The latest news from The Twelve Gates website and associated websites for June 2016. What has been happening behind the scenes, what changes have taken place and what is in the pipeline and other general news to do with the Twelve Gates.

Was on holiday last week. Desperately needed a break from the End Times game, it can get a bit depressing at times. Did some much needed work on The Twelve Gates website that never seems to get done, and some changes have been made as listed below and on the other associated websites.

Website News

The Twelve Gates website has gone through a number of experimental design changes from the initial simple single page Blog Layout onto the more recent two column designs and now the recent incarnation which is a Newspaper|Magazine style theme. I think this is design No 5. This one seems to be getting the thumbs up from all quarters including myself, visitors and Google.. It looks good, loads fast, is easy to find your way around, has loads of menus. In short it's a slick little number. I think we'll stick with this one. The website also has been tested on mobiles and tablets and looks good there as well.

Onto the content. The style of the website is changing to end times news commentary and opinion and Christianity and spirituality, rather than just fact. The most popular post by far on this website is "The Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross" eclipsing all the extreme weather and natural disaster articles which you think would be the most popular. The subject matter covered will be going a bit broader beyond The End Times, but will still have End times as it's main theme.

Each topic category now has it's own RSS feed and the sites feed also now has it's own Icon amongst the social media icons on the top right on the main page as well as in the footer. 2 sets of Daily Bible quotes are featured on the main page from different sources. The photo based one was scrapped as it was taking too long to load and slowing the site down.

Posts and Updates will now be AT LEAST two a week and I'm looking to make it about 4 or a week. Posts will now feature added embedded videos from various sources to add a bit of eye candy and a multimedia angle to each article instead of just boring video links.

The Book of Revelation Chapters 1 to 22 with a brief description of what that chapter is all about has been added over last week. Pictures and videos may be added in the future to each chapter to expand the information further. Very important Book of the Bible this one, it's the very backbone of what this website is all about and how it got it's name and what started it. Links may also appear within the text of each chapter leading you to articles on the website that further expand and explain that word, phrase or parable.

Comments are now accepted on the website and are checked pretty much Daily during the week. Most of the current comments are basically Spam but have been included as they are 'nice spam', if there is such a thing. Anything you agree or disagree with on this website or anywhere else, get it off your chest and make it known. It's nice to hear my views, but it's nice to hear other peoples as well.

Topics Now clearly labelled on this website and having their own category on the main menu including Extreme Weather, Natural Disasters, Tech, The Cosmos, Unexplained, Book of Revelations, Society and more.

News Most of the articles at The Twelve Gates are commentary on news but it may feature some actual news articles as well in the future. Something that is being looked into.


Minor or major change over at Twitter ThatFJ which used to be my personal account with my photo and my name has now been changed to The Twelve Gates as the name, my photo has been replaced with The Twelve Gates logo. The Twitter user name ThatFJ obviously remains unchanged. The content and everything including the owner else remains unchanged

Business as usual with tweets between 3 or 4 when it's quiet and 10 or 12 when it's busy. Normal times are early am, late am, some early pm and the last update about 9pm ish. Found some edgier sources of End Times info that have started to creep into the Twitter feed so it's now a good mixture of mainstream and alternative news, opinion and commentary, extreme weather and natural disasters, the strange weird and unexplained and more focus on the worrying changes in our modern day society.

Google Plus

Has been out there for just over a month now and the last time I looked it had 127 followers and rising slowly. This social media channel tackles some more controversial End Times material stuff that provokes discussion and commentary. Major headings over there include End Times News, End Times Articles, End Times Video and Spirituality. Blog posts from the Twelve Gates feature over there as well. I personally prefer this Google Plus to Facebook which I'm not a fan of but the downside it doesn't have as many people using it as the social media giant Facebook as it is still fairly new. Updates are once a day 3 or 4 times a week, may go daily if it gets more followers.

You Tube

Currently 11 videos over at The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel. This channel is still in it's experimental phase. Some videos are proving hugely popular for such a new channel whilst others are just getting 100 or so views. Still looking at different types of video format going ahead with the emphasis on more original content and video footage. BUT will still feature the video compilation/mash up format with thumping soundtrack as some are proving popular. They will still be produced. Recently got a microphone from the Boot Sale for next to nothing and will be playing around with this for video purposes. As they say watch this space?


Currently just a duplicate of what is over at The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel but featuring videos in a Blog format. Again looking at ways of making this Tumblr to feature content independent of the You Tube channel Again watch for further news.

Newsletter. Currently just an experiment to see if anybody is interested. The big websites seem to do this but it only works when you have masses of visitors coming to the site which this site doesn't have yet.

Email Subscription. If you are not getting updates via RSS and Twitter and prefer Email this is currently being looked into and a link or similar may appear for people who want to get the latest updates via this method.

All the social media links are just below the main menu on the top right hand side. Watch for further news!
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