Brexit and it's NWO impact?

The bombshell that is Brexit? The dust has settled, the masses have adjusted to the shock result and the UK is set to leave the European Union. This article was to be written sooner but it was decided the view will be clearer when the dust has settled. We will be taking a quick look at the far reaching implications and things that most people at street level are either not thinking about or are not even aware of. Most people are thinking how this will affect their lives, their jobs, their families, is the UK going to go into recession, will migrants have to leave, what will happen to immigration, Sovereignty in the UK, who the next Prime Minster is going to be, how this will affect our trade relations around the globe.............. amongst many other things. What we are seeing at the moment is just the tip of an enormous iceberg!

Some of the headlnes floating around at the time that had all quarters getting into a panic

British Pound falls to 30-yr low against US dollar

We must act to prevent countries from fleeing EU – Merkel

Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum

European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit

Surge in Hate Crimes in the U.K. Following U.K.’s Brexit Vote

This article however is not concerned with any of that. It will be embracing and wading straight into the two C's, Controversy and Conspiracy and delve into that grey area and minefield called "The New World Order". It's not definitive, it's a finger in the air melding of Biblical Prophecy dabbling with various voices out there that seem to be noticing like myself, that something is not quite right with this Brexit fiasco? This sudden power to the people that has caught the UK Government and the EU out....... just has a strange ring to it. Is this a wolf in sheep's clothing or a New World Order Trojan Horse that marks a time in history when the chess board is now in place and the pieces are starting to move? Watch this video from Spiro below that expands on this topic.

On a personal level many people asked me which way I voted on the EU Referendum. My answer was amidst shock and horror "I didn't vote". "Why?" was the stunned reply. I said "When you think about it, it doesn't make any difference whether we stay in the EU or not, we are damned if we stay in......... and we are damned if we leave!". Most just nodded in silent agreement but didn't know why they were doing so?

To get the ball rolling on this, an author I bumped into on my Brexit travels on the web. An author of a number of books on End Times and Bible Prophecy and the New World Order called Terry James, who you may have heard of wrote an article that seemed to make all those bizarre Brexit bombshell jigsaw pieces come together to paint a completely different picture to what most people have in the back of their minds about Brexit. The article is called "Brexit and God’s Declaration of Independence" and provided the inspiration to expand on this topic. Here's an excerpt to get the brain cells injected with some prophetic electricity.

I'm of the opinion, however, that it is a mistake in perception to believe things taking place in the British exit from the EU spells a postponement or even a slowdown in prophetic progression. On the contrary, the jolting rearrangements occurring at present, I believe, are likely putting Bible prophecy on the fast-track to fulfillment. The dynamics are not putting the Antichrist incubator in a comatose condition, rather are actually putting the smelling salt under the European nostrils—actually speeding up the reviving of the Roman Empire. My thinking in this regard is based upon the other Bible prophecy developments observable in every direction upon the end times landscape.

Economic problems are building on a world-wide basis. All monetary matters are intricately linked. One economic movement in any part of the world creates ripples that threaten to bring the whole system crashing down. Yet the bubble hasn't burst. An unseen force is without question, to this observer, holding back the flood of fiscal destructiveness.


He goes on................. but you get the general idea. full article here
The blog and main website is called Terry James Prophecy Line with the tag line. CURRENT ISSUES AND EVENTS THROUGH THE LENS OF BIBLE PROPHECY A similar themed website to this one and worth taking a look at whether you are religious or not.

The immediate fall out of this shock Brexit news was the resignation of the PM, the crashing of pound sterling and the stock markets around the globe getting a shock jolt with panic sell offs lasting a couple of days. Since then things have mysteriously corrected and the markets look bizarrely healthier than ever even with the Bank of England Governor stating that the UK growth prospects have been cut and the threat of a recession is real? The recent bounce back is because of the pounds low value making exports now way cheaper ( but export duties could rise) putting the UK in a better competitive global trading situation and the prospect of an interest rate cut from historic lows?, or so it has been said by the media? The only thing is we are not an exporting nation but rely heavily on imports? "Market intervention" by the B of E to stabilise the situation and bring back confidence as briefly mentioned by the man himself Mark Carney and a similar situation in the US would probably explain why the markets returned to normal in a suspiciously rapid time frame.

So what are the implications of Brexit on the global stage and also in Bible Prophecy. Has a blow been dealt by the British People to move away from centralised un elected Government control and Bureacracy that is the EU and move back to being a Sovereign Nation. Has a blow been dealt to the emerging New World Order or is this exactly what was planned?

If you play around with a few theories about the New World Order and Brexit you come to realise that in it's raw form as has been quite spectacularly demonstrated by the UK, NWO will not be accepted by the people. Governments want it...............the people don't..........which creates a dilemma. The only way it will be accepted is via a gradual creeping in (which is happening now as we speak) or accelerated via the creation of a crisis or a number of them, some form of chaos and a destabilisation of modern day society that gets people starting to think "maybe this central control thing isn't such a bad idea" in order to bring back normality.

The infamous Bible quote mentioned in Ephesians about such a New World Order

Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

How do you achieve that? Economic and political chaos and financial market instability. Terrorism on a local and global scale. Massive influx of migrants from a vastly culturally different society destabilising the local population. Items that will create flash points, friction and divisiveness in society. Sound familiar? What have we been seeing increasingly over the last year or so. all of the before mentioned and globally.

The New World Order is all about Centralised Control, One Currency, One Government, Loss of Sovereignty, One Language, One Military, One Police Force and Ultimately One Religion. It's about control of the population. The European Union has expanded from it's original 6 member countries to it's current 28 and more are proposed with the borders getting pushed ever further Eastwards. Why is not on the surface apparent other than size as in bigger is better, but the further East you head, the closer you get to the Middle East and Jerusalem, the very hot bed mentioned in the Book of Revelations where the world will be ultimately controlled from. Some say the Jerusalem mentioned there is symbolic and not an actual geographical location.

But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.
Revelation 11:2

The Brexit move initially seems to fly in the face of all that..........but does it. If the UK had voted to stay in the EU, we would have been giving a vote of confidence for a New World Order and a Centralised form of Control and being a member of a planned European Super State or "the United States of Europe". By voting to leave the EU as in "Brexit" on the surface a nation has voted for Sovereignty, but what in effect has it done. It has caused " Economic and political chaos and financial market instability" and also created "flash points, friction and divisiveness in society"............the very components required to bring about a New World Order type Government in order to bring some normality back into society.

Hence my expression "When you think about it, it doesn't make any difference whether we stay in the EU or not, we are damned if we stay in......... and we are damned if we leave!"

The real uncertainty is not what is going on here in the UK, but what will the fall out be, if any, with the other EU member countries. The general consensus is the further East you go the more keen countries are to stay in for obvious reasons. The further West you go the more keen countries are for a Brexit style referendum and to leave again for obvious reasons. The Telegraph conducted a poll and found nearly half of voters in eight big EU nations want a vote on whether to remain. One third of the respondents said they would leave if they could. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading the charge to hold the EU together and asking nations to remain calm before making any rash decisions. But even she admitted in a statement, "There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe, it is a watershed for the European unification process."

IF, and it is a big IF, the EU did collapse, would this impact the current globalisation of the World and the New World Order implementation. In a word NO. This would simply be a Brexit, on a larger scale, resulting in as previously mentioned " Economic and political chaos and financial market instability" and and also creates "flash points, friction and divisiveness in society"............the very components required to bring about a New World Order type Government in order to bring some normality back into society, something that society wouldn't normally accept but would be begging for in such dire circumstances.

In an inter connected world, the collapse of the EU would send even more devastating shock waves around the world, far worse than the impact of Brexit. To restore order on a global scale would require Centralised Control, One Currency, One Government, Loss of Sovereignty, One Language, One Military, One Police Force and Ultimately One Religion all mentioned in one way or another in The Book of Revelation.

We are in the End Times and we are living in those very times of The Book of Revelation. A time when............. what has to come to pass........ will come to pass............ regardless of what mere mortals do here on this planet.
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