The Venezuela Crisis. Are we looking at the template for future globalchaos?

The Venezuela Crisis has been hitting the headlines over the last few months but seems to be overshadowed by the recent increase in mass shootings and bombings, coups and terrorist attacks around the globe. The media seems to be diverting our attention to these events (real, fake, false flag or otherwise) but make no mistake this Venezuela crisis is a crucial development on the world stage and could prove to be a template of what could be happening globally in the not too distant future.

This article features videos either from amateurs or news sources that are not your regular mainstream media so form your own opinion, but make no mistake what is being presented here is fact. The final video is a prediction of what could happen to the US in the very near future. It may happen, it may not, it could happen later but this video has been included as we all know it´s´s not a case of IF but when? If you think everything is peachy in the have your head in the really do!

So why Venezuela, it´s just another Latin American country that is experiencing problems like many have in the past, why the sudden interest? This is not a prophecy (I´m not a Prophet) it´s just based on an incredibly bad feeling based on NWO undertones. This Venezuela situation just seemed to leap out for some reason amidst all the world chaos and headlines that we are experiencing at the moment.

Going back quite a few years a lot of the Latin American countries were in the third world category, had massive debts and were being bailed out by the IMF, hyper inflation and experiencing economic and social instability. These days most (particularly Brazil) which is one of the rising BRICS nations are booming and are the new emerging China´s, economic powerhouses in their own right. Venezuela is hardly Brazil but did you know it has the richest oil reserves in the world more than Saudi Arabia. With all this potential wealth.......... what went wrong?

The Oil Price is what went wrong combined with gross central mismanagement. When the oil price hit $20 abarrel this country which is dependent on Oil Production got hit hard, revenues declined considerably and the result was a cataclysmic effect on the economy. The country also got hit by terrible drought which didn´t help but because the countries production was not diversified beyond oil, it got hit and hit hard.

How does the current Government/Politics work in Venezuela?
It works on and extreme form of Socialism called by some ‘Chavism’. It consists of industry nationalization coupled with social welfare policies in an attempt to solicit political support from the people in return for subsidized goods and services. Venezuela, like many other petro-states has provided basic services and reduced utility costs in return for support at the polls. In booming times, this 95% oil dependent nation has suffered at the hands of the country’s leadership, has not managed to develop other industries such as agriculture and manufacturing at times when government coffers were full hence the current crisis where the country is virtually bankrupt and is suffering the symptoms that this situation produces.

So what is the situation like in Venezuela and why is it of concern to the more Prosperous West such as the US and Europe?

Here´s what it is like in Venezuela at the moment. Remember this was a prosperous country just a couple of years ago.

Food and Medical Supply Shortages
There is a shortage of basic food supplies and also even basic medical supplies with no improvement in sight for the foreseeable future. Water is also showing signs of shortages and some public supplies have been turned off altogether. To get food at a supermarket the term "queue around the block" is the norm these days now in Venezuela with queues of 1km long or more being common with no guarantee that there will be food or medical supplies when you get into the store concerned.

Hyper Inflation.
A rucksack of money is required to buy just basic food items or a meal in a cafe/restaurant. It´s not quite as bad as it was in Germany before after the 1st World War where a "wheel barrow" of money was needed to buy a loaf of bread but it is heading that way and you can safely say the currency is worthless.

Gun Law and Martial Law
Caracas the capital of Venezuela has become the murder capital of the world with Guns becoming rampant and becoming a necessity for self defence as the Venezuelan society starts to go into meltdown. As a result Martial Law has been implemented and the military are involved in trying to keep some control over looting and potential riots flaring up and also the use of guns. Gun Free Zone signs are now becoming commonplace and are as prominent now as no smoking signs.

Hospitals have no medical supplies for treatment.
With the increasing unrest, lack of food and non availability of basic medical supplies, diseases are on the rise and people are heading to hospitals for treatment but are unable to get any as the hospitals are running out of basic medical supplies as well. See the videos for further shocking footage.

Rationing of Electricity.
Power outages for fixed periods of time and blackouts to conserve energy.

This is just a few of the situations arising from this economic collapse. A couple of years ago in more prosperous times it would not have been imaginable for this situation to happen but here´s what is happening in Venezuela at the time of writing as people get more and more desperate to survive.

1. Attacking and hijacking Supermarket Lorry Deliveries before they even reach the Supermarkets. Often the authorities just stand and watch doing nothing
2. Rummaging and Eating out of Garbage Bins
3. Unable to feed pets, pets running wild on the street hunting for food, some people hunting pets for food to survive...eating dogs and cats!
4. Authorities chasing and shooting at unauthorised vehicles trying to get food from less affected areas of Venezuela to those in desperate need.(ridiculously it´s against Venezuelan law to do so)
5. Looters getting beaten and shot at
6. Columbia opened it´s borders and thousands flooded in. Some sources say 35K+ others say 100K. Regardless of the numbers, stores selling food, water and medical supplies were cleared out in a very short period of time. How long the Columbian borders will stay open remains to be seen but the contagion is starting to spread.
7. Biometrics and forced finger printing is being implemented in order for people to obtain food? Coincidence or something more.
8. State of Emergency declared making the introduction of Martial Law compulsory.
9. Looting of Supermarkets and Stores to survive

In summary this is Socialism in it´s very final stages proving that total centralised Government control is not desirable and more importantly doesn´t work . As we have seen in the past centralised control via Government in the form of Communism doesn´t work, even China has given up on it. Fascism and Dictatorship throughout history proves it´s lso doomed to failure. So what´s the answer? Anarchy? Again as we know Anarchy doesn´t work either.

What´s worrying
What´s worrying, Venezuela is an oil rich nation that has been centrally mismanaged and everything happened rather quickly. Some are saying that this situation was created deliberately and that Venezuela is a blueprint or template of what is to come around the globe and are citing parallels with the current US Economy . Just like lab rats crowded in a cage and given limited or no food and watching the outcome, Venezuela looks increasingly like a social experiment to see how the public reacts to no food, water and medical supplies, a rampant gun culture and then having Martial Law imposed and mass Biometric and finger print ID forcibly introduced and see what resistance there is and what the take up rate is amongst people that are desperate and struggling to survive. You could say it is an experiment in the introduction of New world Order on a micro level.

People in the US and Europe and other prosperous nations think "This couldn´t possibly happen here could it?" The US and Europe are leading economies in the Western World but are in the very early stages of showing the same symptoms as Venezuela. The recent headlines surrounding France, Greece and recently Germany, and the Turkey Coup (real or not) being a case in point. Economically Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain as we know are not in great positions, and we saw what happened in Greece.

Future Predictions
Which brings us nicely onto Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante, a total anarchist. He amongst many others saw the 2008 crash coming and the next one in 2015 but which was averted but still produced the biggest point drop in the Dow Jones in recent times. With the Dow Jones at bizarrely high levels, levels that are making many nervous, there is a feeling just like in 1929 that the party is going to come to an abrupt halt, many bubbles are going to pop and 2008 will look like a day out in Disneyland in comparison. This Jeff Berwick has predicted the US Market Crash on a very exact date of October 2 2016 which happens to be the end of The Jubilee Year of the Shemitah , a 7 year Biblical and Jewish Cycle found in Judaism and practiced till this very day that throughout history has produced some real shocker headlines. Video below explains in full detail. Believe or not but itÅ› an eye opener.

Is the New World Order closer than we think?
We all know that the US and Europe have used near zero or negative interest rates to avert another financial crisis just like the one in 2008. They also have used Quantitative Easing or QE which basically means printing more money and releasing it into the economy throwing caution to the wind regarding the devaluation effect it has on a nations currency. Cheap money is good for the financial markets and Central Banks and for Corporate debt but doesn´t really have any impact on the lives of people at street level as people are slowly beginning to realise. The Dow Jones can be at all times highs but really ask yourself this question "Are you enjoying the party as much as the elite are. Do you really feel any better off?"

Are we reaching the stage where Central Banks and Governments are running out of options, country debts are at such astronomical levels that just raising the interest rates 50 basis points (O.5%) means we are looking at an imminent financial collapse. Is the sick patient (economy) so addicted to QE that if we stop it would be like pulling the plug on a life support machine. Governments, financial markets and Central Banks know a scary experiment is taking place here and we don´t know where it will lead to, as it has never been tried before. All the major currencies are not backed by Gold anymore, they are what is called FIAT meaning they are a reflection of confidence in that currency. Remove the confidence and the currency crashes. Some are saying that the US Dollar is nearing a point of imminent collapse (has been said for many years) but if there was a loss of confidence it would send shock waves around the globe.It would be like BREXIT but many times worse. Already many major economies are looking at ways of trading outside the dollar which is an early indicator that the US dollar could be on it´s last legs and confidence is waning.

Would that collapse lead eventually to a similar crisis as we are witnessing in the should be wealthy oil rich nation of Venezuela but on a global scale? Could this be the way the Western World is heading deliberately to bring about a crisis just like in Venezuela which would justify the introduction of Martial Law and Gun Law. Could food rationing or deliberate food shortages be happening in the near future, with food only obtained via forced Biometrics style ID such as Finger Prints or even RFID. Those without such ID would either starve or be reduced to searching through bins or eating cats and dogs just like some are doing in Venezuela right now. It sounds ridiculous in this modern day and age, but Venezuela probably thought the same thing a couple of years ago ............ look at them now.

The potential for an Economic crisis aside, the recent rise in terrorist activity, mass shootings and bombings (real or false flag), the French Riots and Anti Government protests in other countries, the recent Turkey Coup (real or not) and what appears to be a slow but accelerating breakdown in modern society, these are clear sign posts that state that something is on it´s way. As I have said before, if society becomes destabilised either by itself, an outside force or by Government influence or some other major event, if things get to a situation like Venezuela then these "States of Emergency" we are seeing in France and Turkey and elsewhere will become the new normality in many Western Nations. Others will be forced to follow suit, you are then witnessing the introduction of Martial Law on a permanent basis on a global scale......this is the first step towards the Orwellian Society called the New World Order and the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda.

We now live in an inter connected world. Things that happen thousands of miles away are now on our doorstep very quickly. Financial Markets, Pandemics and the recent Mass Migration happen and happen fast. It is no longer a safe view to think that what is happening thousands of miles away will not come to a major Western Economy. The Zika Virus is a recent example.

The motto is "be prepared" because what is coming, is coming and sooner than many people realise!

Bible Quotes

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Revelation 13:16-18

For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
1 Corinthians 14:33

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
Romans 8:35
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