FEMA Camps. A closer look

A look into the highly controversial and bizarre world of FEMA camps. An experimental post. Are FEMA camps real, or is it all just conspiracy theory? Is Walmart up to something or is it just business as usual. Are FEMA camps a good thing and shows that the Government cares, or is it some sinister plot and the beginnings of the introduction of the Orwellian New World Order. Are there interconnected underground tunnels in the US or is it a load of hogwash. Has there been a mass purchase of coffins in the US?. Do they know something we do not. Are FEMA camps the next Auschwitz or is it all good news and all in the name of Government Preparedeness. Are FEMA camps the way that the RFID chip (some call the Mark of the Beast) will be introduced. This again is a form your own opinion article.

This is well and truly heading into tin foil hat territory.............but is it? FEMA camps are OLD, OLD news with many news items coming out around April 2016 and going back way before that, reporting various strange goings on around the US including Jade Helm and a growing uneasy feeling that "something is going on" and more importantly "we are not being told anything about it". This website was aware something was happening, but decided to stay on the sidelines and raise awareness at a more appropriate time. That time is now. This websites aim is not to scare but to warn, raise awareness and make you mentally prepared for what is to come.

It´s difficult to answer all these questions and in reality any of them. The videos included here attempt to answer questions on a topic that is highly secret and volatile in nature. There have been some strange goings on in the US for some time now, large movements of military vehicles by road and rail, strange underground sounds and the bizarre closure of Walmart stores across the US, FEMA trains, amongst many other weird and wonderful stories. This article via some of the more mentally balanced videos out there, aims to scratch the surface to see if there is any truth to all this, it ties up with some of the articles and videos on Christian Prepping and Preparedness and also Martial Law.

FEMA camps and Preparedness

FEMA camps if you have any form of Preparedness in your future plans is something that has to be taken on board. If you are prepping for the worst and are more of an independent type or are a Christian and will be putting your trust in the Lord to provide or both, then FEMA camps will not be your concern. If you have no intention of preparing and will rely on the Government to provide, then FEMA camps will be your concern.

Rumours abound that people will be rounded up at gun point via Martial Law and sent to these FEMA camps with no say in the matter when a crisis situation arises and many say these will become enforced labour camps or enforced RFID chipping centres or worse something like Auschwitz from the second world war, with mass gassing and cremation. None of these chilling rumours can be confirmed, they have validity but we will only know nearer the time. What can be confirmed from all this though is that the powers that be know something is coming and they have for some time, and they are keeping pretty quiet about it, maybe in order to avoid a mass panic situation.

The problem with these rumours is the following:
1. If there was a nationwide crisis in the US or some sort of natural disaster, war, pandemic or economic collapse, EMP attack with mass power outage or something similar people would not need to be rounded up at Gun Point to go to these FEMA camps, they would be on their knees begging to come in, in a time of crisis when they have no other options. The Government knows this.
2. If there is a New World Order coming then surely gassing or cremating the potential population that this New World Order will be ruling over doesn´t make a lot of sense.... as there would be nobody left to rule over?

The Potential Problems with FEMA Camps.
Letting somebody else take care of your preparedeness plans comes at a price, if indeed this is what these camps are intended for.
1. Disease problems (many people packed into a small area makes it easier for disease to spread if there is an outbreak...look at the Jungle Calais)
2. Loss of Independence. You will be at the mercy of the officials
3. Loss of Privacy. Everything inside these camps will be closely monitored in an Orwellian style
4. Loss of freedom? Once in...... will you ever get out again??

Superb video below going into great detail on disaster and preparedness psychology and FEMA camps.

Some Realities from alternative sources:

The First Camps
Here´s a recent news article which again is of the form your own opinion variety about such a Camp that has opened in Arizona. These camps will serve as special camps for conservative-leaning Americans who openly dissent against the current US Administration and the Democratic party, through Facebook status updates, Tweets, blog posts, or in private conversations intercepted by FEMA. via National Report

All Armed Americans To Be Detained In FEMA Camps Starting In 2017?
An in depth article going into great detail on Fema Camps with a stack of links to further articles from The Last Great Stand

Fema Camp Construction is Greatly Increasing via Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

An investigation by Popular Mechanics into FEMA camps produced an interesting article that goes into various facilities, mass plastic coffins and recent Executive Orders. Again form your own opinion. The Evidence: Debunking FEMA Camp Myths

Vid: WALMART TUNNELS: DHS, NSA Venture Involves Hundreds of Stores 2015 via Dahboo777


Should you stay at a FEMA camp or avoid in a disaster scenario? That´s a personal choice, but after reading this and watching these unverified videos, if you have your marbles the answer is probably NO. It´s a choice I think you have to make now especially if you are in the US. Ignoring a problem doesn´t make it go away. If you have made your own arrangements, all well and good, then you will be going your own way. If you are a Christian prepared or otherwise you will probably be going your own way as well, as these places are probably places to be avoided, as the Book of Revelation prophecy indicates quite clearly. If you are wary of the rumours of enforced labour camps, compulsory RFID chipping, gassing or cremation on a massive scale like Auschwitz, again you have your answer and these places are to be avoided, regardless whether they are myth or reality. If you haven´t prepared then again you now have your answer..

Independently Prepared

Which brings us back to being independently prepared in the first place with the basics, food, water, medical supplies and the rest, just the basics to survive. If you have this and a preparedness plan (or a number of them), you can quite comfortably walk in the other direction of a FEMA camp and you will have choices (assuming there is no rumoured martial law roundup). It´s better to have options than no options.

As mentioned before, personally I don´t think the RFID chip is the mark of the Beast, it will be something else, or something that isn´t physical but it would form an electronic tagging backbone to a New World Order society as stated in the 2030 Agenda. My advice again is this, if it is implantable and is located as mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Forehead or Right Hand..........AVOID!


FEMA camps are a highly controversial topic, full of grey areas and mystery and surrounded by conspiracy, but this is one conspiracy theory that people need to be made aware of. You are then in a position to make an informed and pre planned choice BEFORE a potential disaster strikes rather than afterwards when you will have NO choice.

FEMA camps fact or fiction is worrying enough, but it´s the secrecy behind this activity that is more worrying than the camps themselves, which paints disturbing pictures of an emerging New World that we thought we had buried never to return at the end of the Second World War. Only time will tell!
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