Lessons to be learned from Hurricane Matthew. Be prepared!

At the time of writing Hurricane Matthew was heading for a collision course with South East Florida after devastating Haiti and evacuation orders were announced as the Storm which was a Cat 5 which then decreased to a Cat 4 then Cat 3 but has since increase back to a Cat 4 again with sustained wind speeds in the region of 120mph and is heading for the Florida region.This Hurricane could make landfall and the damage could be limited, could change course and move away, could reduce in intensity or increase. These weather systems are highly unpredictable but the best response is not wait to see what happens, just evacuate.

Recent news footage shows empty supermarket shelves, highways grid locked as people try to escape, warning of potential power outages, flooding and damage to property and risk to life. This Hurricane carries a strong message and that is BE PREPARED.

Hurricane Hermine which happened just a month ago, was a mere Cat 1 Hurricane. This was an omninous sign that possibly something bigger was on the way and maybe one of many more and was a warning sign in itself that the Hurricane drought had ended and it was back to business as usual in the Florida area.

All natural disasters and extreme weather events along with pandemics, mass power outages and other disaster scenarios which are increasing in these recent times, although they are all different in nature. the end result can be the same if you are NOT PREPARED.

Here´s the threat that Hurricane Matthew has the potential to cause, some have started already.

Ray Sewage. Drain problems risk of diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid. Happened during Katrina
Water Shortages and clean drinking water issues
Power outages
Communication networks down
Flights cancelled
Road closures
Mass Panic
Supermarkets stripped bare
Run on banks, machines emptied
Medical supplies in short supply or non existent.

This same situation happened with Hurricane Katrina and many others. The answer.Take all the above possible  scenarios into consideration before the event and BE PREPARED especially be Mentally Prepared. Hurricane Matthew has been in the headlines for some time now, more than a few days and these weather systems move very slowly at say 10-15mph at best giving plenty of warning to prepare and evacuate. There is no excuse.

Think location, elevation, shelter, food , basic medical supplies, water, emergency cash, vehicle fuelled up, maybe consider a motorbike or cycle (roads will be blocked) spare phone batteries or solar or similar charger for emergency communication, outdoor clothing. This is for a couple of days or up to a week. This should be something you have on a permanent basis as part of some sort of Preparedness plan. If you are prepared ahead of an event, not only can you help yourself and your family, you are in a position to help others as well.

If you are a Christian check out this video from the owner of this website on Christian Prepping

Check this superb video below for tips including The Red Cross App issued by Jacksonville Florida as part of an Emergency briefing held last night.

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