The Twelve Gates now at Facebook

The Twelve Gates now available at Face Book

Originally as stated in the last The Twelve Gates News article, this website had no intentions of having a Facebook presence in the form of an account or Page. Checking the website stats over the weekend reveals that a few posts are getting shared on Facebook in some shape or form, which got the brain cells ticking. This weekend strangely enough I had a play around with Facebook on the off chance that maybe it has changed. On realising I have an old account that has never really been used, but was used for other websites I have had in the past for Fan Pages which proved popular in the past. Managed to access the account, and the thought was this account could MAYBE be set up to feature a Fan Page for The Twelve Gates? It can´t be that hard?

After half an hour of messing around, a Page was created, which means in effect The Twelve Gates now has a presence at Facebook in the form of a Page which is called The Twelve Gates Media. This is currently BETA and went live on 4 October 2016 and has just a couple of posts. Initially as the name suggests this will feature media covering End Times News and Prophetic Event headlines but at present in video format only, featuring my videos and others. This will also feature the latest website news as and when it is released. This content will be different to what appears on Twitter unless it´s something urgent like say the current Hurricane Matthew. Lets just say this Facebook Page is the result of "Divine Intervention," as personally I had no intention of having a Facebook presence.

This just adds another dimension to The Twelve Gates in it gives it a massive increase in exposure, as many people are on Facebook which is even bigger than Twitter.

As stated earlier this The Twelve Gates Media at Facebook Page is currently BETA and just a mess around but is getting interest after 2 days even before this news announcement has been made which is always a good sign.

The Twelve Gates now at Facebook The Twelve Gates Media  If you are on Facebook, give us a like and follow some extra End Times News in video form and get the latest website news right in your Facebook

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