Advanced End Times Prepping. Are you prepared for the Hordes?

Are you prepared for the End Times Hordes?

This article has come about after watching a recommended video that popped up on You Tube and also the recent chaos in the US. It´s a chilling one and depressing as well, but I think it is essential viewing to mentally prepare yourself for what is to come. Shook me up for sure..........takes a lot to do that these days. I´m not here to terrify but to inform. The video has been left till the end. I suggest you read this article first and your mind will be adjusted by then to what you will hear.

This is not a Prepping website and this article is aimed more at Non Believers rather than full on Christians. Christians will know what you have to do and you certainly don´t need me to tell you how and when to do it. BUT this may still be of interest, if you are not in the Pre Tribulation Rapture camp which I am certainly not .This is something that I think everybody needs to be mentally prepared for, whatever level of preparedness you are at if at all and Believer and Non Believer. You will not hear this one very often . I briefly covered this topic in a video called "Christian Prepping in these End Times"

You will be told by many what is the best food to get, best water filters and essential medical supplies, tents, fire starters, self defence items and the list goes on and on. What you will not hear so often, is what will it actually be like when the lights go out and thinks go back to the 1850´s and people start freaking out and modern day society starts to go down the plug hole. Unless you have some idea how this will pan out, you are not really prepared for anything no matter how much gear, food and water and medical supplies you have stashed away.

In this modern day society, we have food, water, shelter and creature comforts on tap, we are comfortable, well fed and watered and fresh safe non contaminated food and water is always on hand. We don´t have to grow it or hunt and kill it. BUT what happens if you take all that away? People change dramatically when their food and water supplies are cut off, with no sign of any return in the foreseeable future and start to do desperate things. One thing that is common in such a situation is the rise of a frightening phenomenon that is based on safety in numbers and in prepper circles this is called "the hordes".

When the food supplies start to run out and you are in the cities the following things will start to happen if you are a Prepper. Doesn´t matter if people know or they don´t know you. If you have food stashed away, it will show by your actions which will be different from everybody else and the following things will happen probably in this order..

1. You will get knocks on your door, initially from neighbours, old friends you haven´t seen for years and the occasional stranger. They will all be polite to start with in the early days, but you know they are only after one thing. That´s one of the many dilemmas you will face. To help or not to help.
2. You will get visits from the authorities who will probably do house to house visits in such circumstances maybe under "Martial Law" declaring that all the food and water you have is now the property of the government and will be re-distributed accordingly.
3. Further down the line when there is no food anywhere, this is when "the hordes" will emerge. Organised gangs numbering 50, 100 or 200 strong looking for preppers who have food, as they will be the only ones left who will have any. These "hordes" will do anything to get that food....ANYTHING!

The question the following video presents is "Are you Prepared" not only physically, but mentally prepared to see vast numbers of highly organised and desperate people that will be armed. How will you deal with this?

My recommendation is still food, water, medical supplies and a Location A and a Location B and Location C out of the cities, but if you watch this video by The Prepared Mind you will realise, all this is futile unless you take into account........"The Hordes".

This video gives a point by point breakdown of the Pro´s and Con´s of "Bugging In" as in staying put and holing up in a city and "Bugging Out" (my option) and evacuating the cities and living out in the sticks. Is one better than the other? What are the pitfalls. Can you overcome the Hordes?

One thing that I don´t think has been said on this website is the whole Prophecy thing that is heading our way, it doesn´t matter what you do, if you are a Non Believer that Book of Revelation is so designed, you will have a hard time surviving if you are not TRULY in the faith. That´s why it is designed the way it is.

Check out the video below. It´s basic, just like my videos, with some thoughts from John of The Prepared Mind in between swigs of a cup of tea/coffee, but at the end of the video it will dawn on you in no uncertain terms.......if you are a Non Believer there is no escape, no matter where you go and what you do. If you check the comments somebody said the best option is get a cheap old yacht and sail 100 miles or so offshore away from land. Read the Book of Revelation, you will realise maybe that is not such a good idea either. No Bible quotes in this article just read "The Book of Revelation"

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