Is Europe next after the recent Election Result protests in America?

Is Europe next after the recent US Election Results?

With Trump doing the unthinkable and winning the US Election and creating a US BREXIT sort of moment just a couple of days ago (as predicted in a previous VIDEO) and the media and social media going into a frenzy as a result. Things have escalated with American Election Result Protests and shocking scenes being shown across the US with mass demonstrations at various locations and more recently rioting and racial and gender hate related slogans AND CRIMES popping up all over the country.

Trump Tower has been the focal point as many are aware in New York and 5000 or so demonstrators have headed to that area with slogans such as "Not our President" and words to similar effect which of course is being hyped up by the media.

After listening to his Presidential Speech, it all sounded positive, inspiring and make America Great again stuff. I think they need to give this man a chance before behaving like wild animals on the streets of America, he did win fair and square via the Democratic process! Not a popular view at the moment but it´s my view.

Some of my views on what is going on in America at present. Chaos in America. Is Europe Next?

The inauguration is on 20 January 2017 but as has been said many times a lot can happen between now and that date as we are only beginning to actually see happen before our very eyes. The establishment are not keen on this man, as he is NOT part of the establishment YET, the mainstream media definitely are not keen on him either and have painted a negative picture throughout his campaign, but as the results show, people are not stupid and not so easily fooled. Maybe he wasn´t the choice they wanted but they voted that way anyway as a tactical block vote to keep out the opposition and to put a stop to the liberal, socialism agenda which openly embraces all forms of the New World Order and the erosion of civil rights which we have seen in the last 8 years. I´m a Christian so I keep out of Politics!

The concern that this could spread?

The worrying concern are theories and rumours from it has to be said respected sources which are stating that what we are seeing in America could only be the beginning. We have seen the same thing in Venezuela (before) and it was mentioned in that blog post "Could what we are seeing in Venezuela actually happen in the US". At the time it sounded like some kooky conspiracy theory from somebody who is not in charge of their mental faculties and something that would not happen to a Superpower such as the US............never in a million years? Now we are seeing the beginnings of that kooky theory come into reality. It remains to be seen whether things will die down as they did in the UK after the BREXIT vote.

As mentioned in the above Video filmed in Piccadilly Circus in Central London, what we have seen in Venezuela and more recently in the US and has been seen in France and Greece, could this become a Europe wide phenomenon? The London Evening Standard has quoted Germany as maybe the next country to kick off, France could be another and has had track records in the past of doing so, and Italy could be another one with the General Election in that country on the horizon. A recent Evening Standard article expands on the Germany Theory

Which brings me finally and very nicely onto what this article is really all about and that is the fulfillment of Revelation 13 which strongly hints at an emerging New World Order. It´s right there in Biblical Prophecy in the Book of Revelation but for this to come about as has been said many times before, a mass global chaos situation is required which would result in martial law being introduced around the globe and then the introduction of this New World Order system to bring things back from chaos to normality. People will be begging for this system to get what they think is their lives back. Ordinarily they would be running the other way from such a totalitarian centrally controlled regime. My money is still on a financial collapse of the US, the likes this world has never seen, which everybody knows is coming sooner rather than later. That would certainly send shockwaves around the world and bring the whole world into meltdown and chaos mode. It would create the right environment for the seeding of the New World Order and all it´s components as laid out in the 2030 Agenda.

BUT with this new form of chaos emerging in the US, could we be looking at the beginnings of this spreading to Europe and maybe globally and it turns out that actually WE the people through our actions via demonstrations, riots and other such events bring about this system that nobody wants by our own actions rather than the actions by the powers that be on this planet. Only time will tell, but all eyes are on the US and on Trump but in Biblical terms there is only one Power that calls the shots in this world, it is not any Superpower here on this Earth!

More surprises, shocks, uncertainties, chaos and more are certainly on the horizon but in Biblical terms all eyes should be on the Middle East, Israel and more to the point Jerusalem!
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