The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel Latest News. November 2016

The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News November 2016

The latest news from The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel now available in two formats, written and video form.This is the November 2016 edition. See below for the embedded video version

The Twelve Gates Channel News and Latest Update

A lot of changes on the way for this channel, some could prove a disaster, some could propel it into the stratosphere, but if things just stay as they are, things will just keep going sideways, not my kind of situation. The channel as regulars have probably gathered is moving away from the eye candy and funky music backed style videos with non original content and onto a more basic style delivery but ORIGINAL content featuring myself which is what the whole original You Tube platform was designed for. Things are picking up speed in the End Times News arena and I can´t be spending hours or days editing videos, reaction times to events need to be quicker in these Last Days hence these major changes.

The Channel Experiments

Ten things that will be happening on the channel in the coming months, some are permanent, others are experimental and maybe adopted and maybe not, other new things will appear, but the channel is still in the experimental phase and still finding it´s direction. Currently at just over 200 subscribers and just going sideways it has been decided to give the channel a jolt and kick up the rear quarter to get it heading in the upwards direction. This will be going on till Christmas. If it works then it will be continued in the new year, if it doesn´t, then it will be back to updates once a week or so. As you´ve probably gathered I´m not happy with just 200 subscribers and really looking for 4 figures, not as an ego hey look at me sort of thing, but with less than that you really are just talking to yourself and with all the work involved you really do need a respectable size audience to make the effort worthwhile. Guaranteed AD FREE regardless of how many subscribers and views a video gets.

Ten things on the horizon starting from 15 November 2016

1. Change in Frequency of updates. Things are speeding up in prophetic terms and time is getting short and many definite prophetic signs confirm this. The target is at least 50 quality videos by the end of 2016. Currently it stands at 25 or so updates and will be shifting from once a week to a minimum of 3 times a week but more likely 4-5 times a week and updates will be Monday to Friday. No updates on the weekend unless there has been something exceptional in news terms.

2. Change in type of content. End Times News Flashes like Paul Begely featuring myself giving commentary and views. Bible Prophecy seems popular so will be focusing more on that as well and how it relates to current events around the world. The Exposed series is also popular so will be doing more of that, one of my favourite topics, I´m particularly not keen on false prophets, false preachers and fake Christians and can get quite vicious on the matter. These people are not in the faith and do not deserve to be approached as mentioned in the Bible on a one on one basis. That is reserved for true Christians who may be going astray and not these wolves in sheep´s clothing types that are causing all sorts of problems and destroying the faith from the inside! Christian Spirituality will also feature, it´s not so popular at present, but is a slow burner and will continue as this is primarily a Christian Channel and is ultra important. Either way, no more eye candy, except via the upcoming newly produced trailers.

3. Channel no longer shows number of subscribers. This is just a vanity thing and I notice a lot of real deal Christians do not have this activated so mine has been de-activated as well. Further details on that in the video.

4. Style of delivery. This is a sombre topic and requires a sombre delivery but there will be micro bursts of dry humour on occasion. . If you're looking for uplifting soft and fluffy sugar coated candy floss dreams and visions style Christianity you are in the wrong place. I don't wear crosses, wear shades when filming, or make up, or wear T Shirts with Bible verses or slogans. If you are looking for the real deal on the front line Joshua in your face style delivery that is prepared to give you some time and eye contact, this is it. If you want the truth then you are definitely in the right place.

5. Comments and Up votes and Down Votes. Leave a comment I will try to reply ASAP. Leave an up vote I will try and return the favour if I can identify who actually left the up vote. Down Votes are just as important as they give an indication of what people are actually looking for and what quality they are expecting.

6. I'm not a teenager which seems to be the predominant user on You Tube apparently in the 16-19 bracket. I have some grey hair, bags under my eyes, no hair dye, no cosmetic surgery, a chipped front tooth, no botox, no make up. If that's a problem........ my answer is simply Unsubscribe. There will be no silly antics but there could be some bloopers and believe me there are plenty of those.. The last video didn't even shave, had a rough nights sleep of about 1 hour with hair sticking up just for a laugh. Most popular vid so far in views per first day terms. Just proves that theory wrong but an effort will be made to look sort of presentable instead of somebody that looks like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

7. Vlogs and News and Prophecy is the way forward. Everything will appear on You Tube first, then social media then via a blog post at The Twelve official website with the video embedded in the post. In effect the videos will be tweeted twice, once raw and once embedded in a blog post. Twitter will still be the dominant news source, but if you are looking for the original content and maybe an hour or two earlier and want to be ahead of the information curve, subscribe to this channel and be in the know!

8. Video Quality and locations
Will be shooting in various locations around London and Hertfordshire both indoors and outdoors. New mic has made a huge difference can now shoot anywhere. Striving to keep video quality and sound and content high. Will be experimenting with different video formats and styles and also lighting. No plans at present to go beyond using the mobile which does HD at 1080p. I upload at 720p which is more than enough for this sort of thing.

9. A shout out to the following vloggers for their light bulb moment help in hopefully transforming this channel. Don´t exactly come across as Christian Channels or even Christians, maybe they are but either way listening to them as been a light bulb moment.

Brittney Lee Saunders Beauty VLogger. I though what I was doing was hard, she spends about 5 times longer doing her videos hence the well earned success.

Casey Neistat Beyond description Vlogger which is about as far removed from Christianity that you can get but learnt a lot from this guy.

Vid Authority Tips on how to improve your You Tube channel. Helped a massive amount.

10. This is primarily a Christian Channel but it's aimed at Christians and Non Believers alike. In fact I operate with the view that the healthy do not need to see a doctor but the sick do. Jesus said that once, that's why he spent more time with sinners and the needy that needed help rather than those that did not. This is not a Christian social club, it's not even a ministry really, but Brothers and Sisters in the faith are welcome and are also welcome to pull me up if my preaching is not on the mark, but my target audience is non believers and those that need some help or guidance. My attitude is... you come to me, I do not come to you!

Last but not least.... hot off the press the NEW The Twelve Gates Channel Trailer. Let me know what you think

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