Trump and the US Election Results and Bible Prophecy?

Trump and the US Election Results and Bible Prophecy

So the unthinkable has happened and Donald Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become the President of the United States of America after the recent release of the US Election Results. After allowing for the dust to settle the question is "What now?" and more to the point how does this relate to Bible Prophecy, if at all? This article is just my views supported by just one video that was uploaded last night with my thoughts on the subject as it was quicker to do that then write a whole article on the subject. As was hinted in that video quite strongly I was expecting another BREXIT moment which did in fact materialise the following day. There will be many personal, political and economic and global views out there, Google to your hearts content but this will be based on Bible Prophecy and how this Trump win affects End Times prophecy events..........if at all?

My views on the US Election 2016 and Bible Prophecy

The picture above is simply an American Flag with a few words, no picture of Trump, if Clinton had won, it would have been the same. This is not a celebrity website! Never has been..........never will be!

The Election Result Shocker
So with the US Election results in today (see the Twelve Gates Twitter) this begins the process of the replacement of the current President who hands the Baton over to the new President of the US. Firstly there is the 70 odd days until the Presidential Inauguration event which takes place on January 20th 2017. That's a long time, and plenty of things can happen between now and that fateful date. Plenty of things.

Be prepared for more shocks on the way, but the shock waves were being felt already around the globe with the financial markets reeling at this shock election result with the dollar showing particularly worrying trends in the downward department along with the Dow Jones. Mexico is also seeing a similar effect. A recent speech from the man himself put the markets at ease. Whether this is just post election result jitters or signs of a new downward trend, this again remains to be seen.

Beyond the politics and the economics of a Trump win and claiming the US Presidency we will be looking at the Biblical significance of the World No1 superpower being led by such a character.

What did the candidates represent?
Lets first take a look at the loser, Hilary Clinton and what did she represent in Biblical terms. She was all for "Inclusiveness" more "Political Correctness" and the tearing down of walls, erosion of civil values and rights and the continued laying of foundations for the New World Order. Basically she would have been "More Obama". Some were saying that Clinton would have provoked World War 3 or at least Cold War 3. She represents the establishment and has been in politics a long time.

Trump represents a lot of things people do not like including you could say Racism (he´s not exactly Pro Latino´s and Muslims), the building of walls and most importantly returning the US to it´s old ways pre Obama. Russia seems particularly keen on him because he is NOT "part of the establishment" and has the same values that they have, as in not exactly Pro LGBT amongst many other virtues. Some say Trump is God´s answer in a disguised form to put a spanner in the works of the back building NWO plans and foundations as laid out by the 2030 Agenda.Trump in reality is not a politician, he is businessman first and foremost. Some were saying that there could be mass riots across the streets of the US as a result of this election win. Some events have broken out, once the dust settles, it remains to be seen whether this becomes a nationwide phenomenon on a massive scale. He is not in office yet. Just one step closer.

So what now?
So what now is the question? As mentioned earlier after the US Election Results a lot can happen in just over 70 days. Here´s some possibilities with a conspiracy theory bias.

Possible occurrences
A recount?
A re-vote
Voting system error election delcared null and void
Health problems
A Trump Gate scandal or something similar
Terorist attack, EMP and many more scenarios

Plenty of other things can happen along the way. Politics is a messy world and Trump being at present an outsider, not being part of the Political establishment could hit some unforeseeable problems. All this is speculation though and it remains to be seen whether these things will materialise.

The future and Bible Prophecy
How he deals with the current immigration issues could have an impact not only on neighbouring Mexico but also in the Middle East and that´s where this websites concern lies as that is as mentioned in the recent US Election results video, the Biblical Prophecy hot bed. There are also concerns over the US Economy especially the gargantuan Debt as shown at the He is aware the US is in a Bubble situation did mention this in many of his election speeches. What he can or will do to reverse this situation remains to be seen. Expect more financial shocks on the way and severe cutbacks or raising of taxes or something to bring the US back into financial reality. This could have an impact on the US Dollar and the US Indices such as the Dow Jones & S&P 500 and Nasdaq and the component companies of those indexes. Whether there will be a Dollar Collapse a result of this election victory again remains to be seen. As I have said in the past, this would be the perfect scenario to bring about global chaos with minimal loss of life and provide the opportunity to bring in the New world Order solution to this problem as mentioned in Revelation 13.

Also mentioned in the video was "Mystery Babylon" mentioned in Revelation. Some say it is Italy and Rome and the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, some say it is The US and either New York or Washington DC and others such as myself think it is Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Islam. Still others say it could be Jerusalem and a host of other countries. With this election now over and a Trump victory, we should start to see who the Mystery Babylon really is and whether it is the US or whether it is somewhere else.

Final Note
On a final note on the present President of the US who is still in office until 19 January 2017. What of him. As hinted at in the video, he has had many fingers pointed in his direction (I never subscribed to that theory see the in depth AC Article) stating that he is in fact what is mentioned in Revelation 13. If that is the case then a Trump Republican victory has foiled the passing of the Baton from one Democrat to another to continue his plans, if he is indeed what is mentioned in Revelation 13. If that is the case expect some bizarre, shocking or more unexpected and twist of events in the coming months and what I call "Irregularities" to surface which would reveal that all the rumours and finger pointing have turned out to be fact. This would be the revealing of said person mentioned in Revelation 13. It would also signal The First Seal in Revelation 6 (the rider of the White Horse) which precedes the Second Seal in Revelation 6 (The Rider of the Red Horse and World War 3). A possible elevation to Chairman of the UN on a permanent basis (something no world leader has ever had) would also be another indicator, or him running for a third term (unheard of) in office as US President due to unforeseen circumstances. That would also be a giveaway. . Something of that order would need to be seen in the coming months and nothing less. I´m not holding my breath on any of these things happening but the fact that they have been mentioned is something to be aware of.

On a conspiracy theory note. Maybe Trump was allowed to win to bring the US into chaos and cause an economic collapse that could trigger a global meltdown? Just a thought?

On a personal note, I´m glad the whole US Election thing is now over, I was getting a bit sick of it, now we can get on with our lives. Nobody really knows what this Trump will be like once he actually takes residence in the White House. The media has painted a picture. Maybe it is correct. Maybe not. It could be a complete and utter disaster...OR....could be the best thing that has ever happened to the US????. With Trump, some have said we could have mass riots across the US, with Clinton some were saying we would be staring World War 3 in the face. As old people say with either one of them it´s "six of one and half a dozen of another".

In Biblical terms, has Trump bizarrely been put there to overturn all the LGBT nonsense and laws and sort out that monster debt and bring back some rights to the Americans on the street? The world is watching and we have 70 or so days to see what actually comes out in the wash before he takes office. As mentioned in the video, the result in Biblical Prophecy terms doesn´t matter whether Clinton or Trump wins as we are still heading along that Revelation railway track regardless and that is controlled by a far higher power than even the Superpower that is the US. What does matter is what surfaces between now and that Inauguration event. Plenty of things can happen within that time period and in these End Times, End Days..... nothing can be ruled out. Nothing!
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