The Cashless Society and Revelation Prophecy

How Cashless Payments fit in with Revelation Prophecy?

This article is a Part 2 to an original article The Orwellian Cashless society is getting closer? My personal experience! This looks at a more recent personal experience and what I think is a sign of what is heading our way in the not too distant future.

The famous Bible quote that even Non Believers are familiar with in the form of Revelation 13 describes The Beast System that will separate those who are part of the system and those who are not. Those who are not, will be marginalised and will exist on the edge of society. I´ve thought about this a lot recently and everybody knows that this Beast system is designed to marginalise Christians and in my opinion it´s starting to happen now with the rapidly accelerating cashless society that is being thrust upon us.

The Future Cashless Society and Revelation Prophecy

Revelation 13:16-17
16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The Guardian in a recent article about The Future Cashless Society had this to say

"The head of Apple, Tim Cook, says all payments could soon be via smartphone apps. But there’s a sinister side to this vision, that would lead to us losing our freedom"

My personal experience No2.
A cheap supermarket in my area has recently closed down with not much notice which seems to be an emerging trend these days, the only real other alternative that is of Supermarket size instead of corner store size is a Store beginning with W that is a bit on the expensive side and to be honest is not my scene at all, but left with no alternative I go there on occasion. This is also happening with Bank Branches. Again similar to the last experience there are about a dozen all new shiny cashless checkout machines that take Card or Mobile Payments ONLY. If you are paying by cash you have to go to a normal till and the queue for this can be long at times and only half are manned. What is annoying yet again only a handful of people are paying via Card or Mobile, but again cash is being squeezed out of the equation very gradually. It just looks like a deliberate attempt to get you to ditch cash and go the faster cashless route. So what am I doing? You guessed it, I will continue stubbornly to use cash for smaller items until there is no other way to pay for it.

Where we are heading?
For stores and banks, cashless is cheaper, involves less handling, needs no transportation, restocking of notes and change and doesn´t wear out. Sweden is quietly leading the way in this ID and Cashless Society Revolution where even the homeless and beggars on the streets now use and take plastic. India is also making inroads with this form of payment and is following Sweden´s model. Many other countries are also making inroads into this form of payment becoming 100% reality. On the surface it all sounds great, smaller wallets, faster payments, no bulky change, instantly convertible when you are travelling, quicker supermarket checkouts, skipping past people like me who are paying by old traditional cash.

The Surveillance Nature of Cashless
Yes the future looks great, and it´s called "Cashless" but it does come with a sinister side. Using cashless payments does leave a trail, a digital trail of information that reveals your sometimes very personal habits. At present people don´t worry about the uses to which that information could one day be put, if not by authoritarian governments here or abroad, now or in the future, then by hackers. But with the second Yahoo Account hack to the value of 1bn being a reality, it is becoming blatantly clear that this form of payment is not without it´s severe disadvantages. When you lose cash you just lose the physical amount you had in your wallet. When you lose money in a cashless society, your whole account can be wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Sacrifice of Freedom and Spending Habits and Budgeting
You also sacrifice a lot of freedom that you have with cash which is Anonymous with a Capital A and leaves no trail apart from when you withdraw it from the cash machine. Finally cash is tangible, it´s a hard copy, if your wallet is empty you realise you have no money. With cashless you just wave a card in the air, insert in a reader or wave your mobile and it gives a feeling that you have unlimited funds which money does not give, when in fact you still have a finite supply as before. This convenience is designed to turn people into spending machines if you are not careful.

The Cashless Society and Bible Prophecy.
Which brings me back to my original though whilst standing in a Supermarket that begins with W. The Future Cashless Society is getting closer every day with some countries near or over 90% of payments are made cashless. 100% is not far off and this form of payment reminds me of the Beast System which very clearly looks to be a digital cashless economy. If you are cashless, you can buy or sell, if you are not, then you are on the fringes of society and marginalised. I liken cash payments today as the Christian form of payment and Cashless as the Beast System. That´s the way it feels to me, it remains to be seen whether this actually is the system mentioned in Revelation, or whether it will be something else. This new system is not geared up to the consumer, it is ultimately geared up to the Big Banks, Big Corporates, Big Governments and ultimately the New World Order that this will seamlessly fit into mentioned in the Agenda 2030 which is where we are obviously heading.

The ultimate aim of Revelation 13 is to shut out Christians and as mentioned in the video I strongly feel that this will lead to an alternative black market economy and also true believers going underground and going back to the Old Original Church that was mentioned many times in the Bible all those thousands of years ago and not the current multitude of Church denominations and buildings which we see today. This not Prophecy on my part, nor Dreams and Visions but what is becoming increasing reality with each passing day.
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