The Twelve Gates News December 2016

The Twelve Gates News December 2016

The Latest news for The Twelve Gates, December and the run up to Christmas and the New Year for all the websites including the official website here, over at Twitter, You Tube, Google Plus and the New Facebook Page. A look back over the year, as this website had it´s first Birthday this year as I bought the domain on 30/10/2015, the first post was a couple of days afterwards.

The December You Tube News and Latest Developments Video

Christmas Period Updates. Applies to all websites. I need a break people from all this doom and gloom but back to normal in the New Year. Here´s what´s happening update wise on the run up to Christmas over the Christmas Period and New Years.

12-18 December Usual Updates
19-23 December Usual Updates
24-26 December No Updates
27 December Limited Updates
28 December Limited Updates
29 December Limited Updates
30 December Limited Updates
31 December Limited Updates
1 January No Updates
2 January No or Limited Updates
3 January Usual Updates and Back to Normal

Website News:

Visitor numbers have ballooned on this website in just the last couple of months? We are talking about 5 times the normal average amount?? Thought it might be something to do with the US Elections, but I wasn´t writing anything about it, gave a brief mention around about the time of the results, that was it. The election has been and gone and the visitors levels are still the same, for whatever the reason? Have to say not complaining! Probably a Google thing giving the website a thumbs up....who knows? A US University (not Harvard or Yale) has recently linked to one of The Twelve Gates articles..........could be that, which has made Google sit up and raise it´s eyebrows. Again, who knows??

Business as usual until the end of the year at the official website, over the Christmas period will probably do some staring out of the window and have a few pipe dreams and see what happens, but at present why change a winning formula. The website design also will remain the same, it works, looks good, and easy to find your way around....if it isn´t broken, don´t fix it. BUT..... there could be a few new ideas springing up in 2017?

Twitter News

Again not blowing my trumpet here but for an End Times website The Twelve Gates Twitter seems to be growing steadily and close to hitting the 20K level which is again quite an achievement for such a specialised topic feed. Seems to be more involvement at the latter part of this year with regard to retweets..... that´s good. Again no plans to change a winning formula, but some new ideas may come into the mix. Currently looking at more reliable news sources with the current "Fake News Websites" headline running riot, but will continue to use the more non mainstream news sources that do not have an agenda, as long as what they are saying is real and checks out. A lot of the topics covered by The Twelve Gates are so specialised and low volume in readership, they are of no interest to the mainstream media anyway.

Google Plus News

This was started after Twitter and again over the last few of months has nearly doubled in followers or Circles which again is good news. Google Plus seems to be a lot slower and have more involvement than Twitter in general, but is a smaller platform. I like it. All posts and video updates will continue to appear over at The Twelve Gates Google Plus. Again some new experimental ideas may appear in 2017, as always watch for further news on that.

Facebook News

Was started a couple of months ago amid a lot of initial interest and hundreds of likes in a couple of weeks, only to come crashing down and see them deleted to about 9 likes and a similar number of followers??? Not sure what happened there, but I have a sneaking suspicion either Facebook is not keen on Religious and maybe Christian websites, or they are keen on getting you to pay to advertise and increase exposure of posts and get likes as that seems to be in your face every time you log into the control panel. As The Twelve Gates website is a "Not for Profit" website, that will not be happening any time in the near future, so 9 likes and a similar number of followers it is. I have no intention to pay for followers or likes on Facebook or anywhere else. Basically with The Twelve Gates Facebook Page which is called "thetwelvegatesmedia" it currently features exclusively video content only with a few words, so if you are on Facebook you don´t have to keep checking over at YouTube to see what the latest update is, if you are more a Fan of Facebook than You Tube.

No current plans to do anything radically different over at Facebook, I´ve never been that keen on it and the first couple of weeks over there has only reinforced that view further! Prefer Twitter, it´s way more suited to the fast paced End Times News environment. Will just continue to plod along with Facebook and provide an alternative source/platform for those who love Facebook and want to get The Twelve Gates over at that social media website. Again watch for further developments in 2017 but I will need to see stacks more in the way of numbers, before that gets developed or pushed any harder. I´m not one for flogging a dead horse!

You Tube News
Last but not least the head scratching You Tube channel. A separate video link here will be appearing giving the latest news over at that Channel and  will be embedded here later, explaining what will be happening in the coming months, as that is a whole different animal.

To summarise, I Love You Tube, and I am pushing hard over at that channel and giving it a kick up the rear quarters on a daily basis to wake it up. About 4-5 videos will be made every week until the channel hits 50 or by the end of the year, whichever is sooner. Then I will be looking at the numbers and reviewing where to go next in 2017. So far the results have been luke warm at best, but the religious topics are slow burners and Bible Prophecy seems by far and away the topic that generates the most interest. Exciting times over at You Tube, I have a feeling it could blow up some time in the near future, it will eventually.... just like the website... it´s just a question of when and not if.. The Twelve Gates at You Tube just gives another angle and dimension to the blog posts over at the website as well, so it will become increasingly important in 2017 and beyond....IF WE ARE STILL HERE?

As always keep checking back for the latest news updates.
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