The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News Late Jan 2017

The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News January 2017

The latest news and developments at The Twelve Gates You Tube channel for late January 2017. After the last news update just weeks ago, yet more changes in direction for this You Tube Channel which are starting to appear over there as we speak.

There has been a shift from myself appearing in the videos in the last week or so, to either a presentation style with me voicing over, or some eye candy and music laced with Bible quotes style videos. This looks to be the way the channel will be heading in 2017. The talking head, lip flapping style presentations will be a thing of the past. There are thousands of Christians all doing the same thing, one less will not make any difference.

Bible Prophecy, in some shape or form seems to be the overwhelming thumbs up from day one on this channel,   at least, in views and subscriber terms and comments from the You Tube community regarding these videos. Get the impression that not only Christians are interested in this Prophecy stuff naturally, but non believers seem to be fascinated as well, even total atheists? in how the Bible actually reveals (in the right hands) what is going on in these last days. It's there...... clear as day.......if you can see it? Relating what it says in the Bible to what is happening now is the trick.

So this looks to be increasingly the main focus and the way this channel will be heading. Doesn't matter which way you cut it, there is not much point producing a video that gets 20 views after a month, but they will still be left out there to help somebody who has lost their way in life.! Looking to also be doing some sort of news service, again not with me in the video (maybe a small cam in the corner) featuring the latest End Times News. That's currently on the drawing board and has been experimented with in the past (The Bird Flu Vid). Bible Study and Studying Prophecy is another thing being looked into which may also prove popular. The eye candy Bible verse videos with music track will continue, but maybe just a couple a month. There are hundreds of them out there, so it's difficult to get ranked with them, again it´s pointless duplicating what is already out there but they are a good way to reach people who don''t normally consider reading the Bible or Bible verses.

The only problem with Bible Prophecy, the frequency of updates will probably drop down to between 1 or 2 a week because of the work involved to make up a presentation. It's not something like a Vlog which you can put out every day or at least 5 times a week. A lot of research, digging around the Bible, staring out the window and chewing things over, it's slow and ponderous work, not something you can rush, but the results are worth it and speak for themselves.

Currently playing around with different Bible software packages. 3 on the shortlist. Unfortunately my favourite is the one that keeps crashing, but the last video featured my second favourite Bible Software that I will probably be using in the future. The features on it are more geared up for presentations, it's stable, user friendly, powerful but not exactly the best looking of the bunch, but it does the job well and that's what really matters. So it looks like that will be the one I will be sticking with. A lot of these presentations are just theories that I have or just "kicking a ball round the park" style theories which will be shorter in duration (under 10 mins). Others will delve more deeply into the many layers of the Bible (10 mins to 30 mins), and will be an eye opener for many. Eye candy will be minimal at best, maybe a few intro photos like the last videos. Bible Version used is either KJV or NKJV. That is what I use, some people love it, others hate.

It has to be stressed that these Prophecy Presentations or Bible Prophecy Analysis videos are not my Prophecies, just me analysing the Prophets of Old. I am NOT a Prophet ......just a Watchman on the wall. Nothing more...nothing less. The Bible does come alive for some people and screams out at them and they see things that most miss (Seers and those with The Spirit). I have The Spirit and maybe I'm one of those people, but as I said, I'm not a Prophet. As always with this You Tube Channel, The Twelve Gates Website, Twitter and Google Plus, and the rest, it's a case of Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and Form Your Own Opinion (FYOO) and if you are a Christian "Test The Spirits" and "Check everything against The Word". But then you don''t need me to tell you that!

Currently around Mid Week or Wednesday and either late week or weekend. 2 a week

As always watch for further news and developments at The Twelve Gates You Tube. She could turn out to be a flier?

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