The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News March 2017

You Tube Channel News March 2017

The latest news from The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel for March 2017. What's going on behind the scenes and the latest developments. What direction is the channel heading in, update frequency and days when updates, new equipment purchased and much more.

With the shift away from personal appearances on You Tube videos and instead using more of a voice over style of delivery which is featured on channels such as BP Earthwatch and other similar channels, it has been decided this is the way forward and the numbers speak for themselves.Video Views and subscriber levels have both jumped recently. Viewing levels still vary incredibly from video to video, but then that is the nature of You Tube.

With a change in focus on the The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel, various things have been looked at which could be improved. There is always something that could be done better!

Improved Sound and New Microphone
Looking around at other similar channels it has been noticed that those who do this voice over presentation video style delivery have rather good sound. As I am no longer appearing in visual form in videos but in voice form only, I've decided to up the game in the sound department and to invest in a new microphone which was bought recently. If you are doing this sort of video presentation the voice and quality becomes ultra important. This new microphone is a noticeably better microphone than what I was using before. The previous microphone was bought down a boot sale for a quid and was more designed for gaming consoles. It was an all plastic Logitech and was OK, but did have shortcomings such as a thin sound and noticeable popping and an annoying Kchhh sound when you hit the record button which involved a lot of work to edit it out so I just left it in.

For serious more professional sound and for just a bit more money I now use a Samson mic(pictured above) which is an entry level studio mic and the sound is vastly improved and it weights considerably more being all metal construction. No more popping and hissing on the letter S and the annoying Kchhhhh sound every couple of minutes has gone also. Managed to get this microphone for very little money which is good because I have very little money these days. Still messing around with this microphone to get the best out of it, but this is the new microphone of choice that will be used on all future videos. Can't recommend this Samson Mic highly enough.

Bible Software for Bible Prophecy Analysis
Various Bible softwares have been tried for Bible Prophecy Analysis presentations but it looks like Xiphos seems to be the best when it comes to producing something that is easy to use and view on You Tube, so Xiphos is the Bible software of choice from now on. The Bible Prophecy analysis presentations seem to be popular on the Twelve Gates You Tube Channel, so this looks to be the way forward for this channel and they will continue into the future.

Covering topics mainly focused on the Book of Revelation Prophecy, but delving into other areas of the New Testament and the Old Testament Prophecy as well, especially the renowned Old Testament prophets and digging up some things that maybe most people are not really aware of in the Bible if you just read it from cover to cover. Some of the stuff revealed is an eye opener. Some topics may have nothing to do with Prophecy, but are interesting none the less.

These videos tend to be around half an hour long and sometimes longer but at present are shorter than an hour and will probably stay that way. All the videos carry a warning saying these are just my thoughts, views, opinions and just a general kicking some prophecy ideas around sort of scenario. What is said in these videos is not cast in stone and could prove to be correct or incorrect.

Other Forms of Video Presentation
Will be looking into other forms of presentation that are End Times focused but not so intensively focused on the Bible, but more in relation to current news headlines that are appearing that are fulfilling Bible Prophecy. Something that has been on the drawing board for some time, that could run in parallel with the Bible Prophecy Analysis but as separate videos under a different category. Something along the lines of the You Tube Channels BP Earthwatch which is more factual and news based or Dahboo7 which seems to be primarily News based but more Underground in Nature. A recent experimental video delving into Subliminal Advertising and One Eyed Symbolism that appears in Adverts (see end of news update for link) could be another way forward. Just another twist on the things that are floating around in our End Times Scenario, the sort of things that are not exactly mentioned in the Bible. These videos will be shorter with a maximum length of 25-30 minutes and probably shorter than that and more eye candy in appearance but crammed with hard facts to stretch the brain cells a bit with maybe a couple of relevant Bible Quotes during the video or placed as a closer at the end of the video. Some other things are being looked into as well.

Frequency of Updates
Currently updating the channel with two videos a week with Wednesday and Saturday being the choice days and lunchtime to early afternoon UK Time being the update time. These days may vary but most times should be on those days. So on average two videos a week, sometimes it may be down to one video update if it's a bigger topic especially Bible Prophecy, other weeks it could be up to three, but two seems to be the average at present to keep the quality of the videos high. Bible Prophecy Analysis is a slow and ponderous process and takes time and cannot be rushed.

Any comments left on the channel are automatically held for review as I have had problems in the past. If they are fine (that includes both positive and negative) they are approved and appear on the channel. If they are not, or they are spam in nature, promoting or trying to sell something or simply using the discussion area as a means of promoting your own channel or video, then they are removed or never appear in the first place. Persistent offenders will be blocked without warning.

Sometimes I may respond to a comment but most of the time I just leave the comment out there for others to reply, as I've said what I needed to say in the video. No sense in repeating yourself. If you agree with what I say in the video that is fine, if you disagree that is fine as well, but I have an issue with people trying to tell me how to run my channel, especially those who have channels themselves with 2 or no subscribers and have never produced a single video in their entire life. Everybody will take offence to such remarks. It takes a long time to produce any of these videos with research and video production, recording and rendering, when you realise the work involved, then you tend to avoid such comments, unless they really are warranted. Of course as they say in America, if the videos on the channel "Suck" big time, then the owner of the channel obviously needs to be made aware but with valid reasons.

That's the latest news update for March 2017. As always watch for further news on The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel.

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