The Strange Quietness. The Calm before the Storm?

The calm before the Storm?

A bizarre blog post? The last couple of months there has been a strange quietness around the world in prophetic terms which was mentioned in a previous blog post. Yes there are still headlines out there that have an End Times feel about them and things are still happening, but at this end it has been noted for some time now (the last 5-6 weeks) that the End Times headlines have been quite sparse in the last couple of months. It's starting to make me nervous, something I haven't felt since I started this website?

In weather and climate terms, Yes there are the usual tornadoes, cyclones and other extreme weather events such as flooding, landslides, giant hail and storms but nothing beyond the norm that we normally see around the globe. With regards to mass animal deaths this is an ongoing situation that is showing a remarkable consistency. These are headline grabbing events that the media loves.

In economic terms looking at the Dow Jones in the US everything looks rosy with the Dow firmly over 20K and the Fed giving the Economic thumbs up and no sign of the reported economic collapse that would send the world down the economic plug hole, that many have been saying will happen way back since 2008/9, although it has to be said the US Debt Clock tells a different story with it rapidly approaching a horrific $20 Trillion.

In political terms in relation to a World War 3 scenario, King Jom Un carries on launching ballistic missiles like they are fireworks, much to the annoyance of global world leaders but he carries on regardless? The usual calamities happen in the Middle East and the South China Seas threat continues along with China moves, along with Russia and it's increasing activities, but the threat of World War 3 remains just that at present.....a threat.

With Trump dominating the headlines in the worlds media everywhere you look, with his unorthodox eyebrow raising style of leadership, and placards on the streets saying "not my president", the news channels are having a field day and look hectically busy in headline terms, but in reality they are filled merely with noise and distractions, a tactic used sometimes to cover up other headlines, that may be going on that the media may possibly not want you to be aware of.

Which brings us onto the quiet and more underground headlines that don't make such pleasant reading which the mainstream media are not so interested in or maybe choose to ignore for various reasons.

Bird Flu is still rampant and causing mass animal deaths around the globe but what happened to Zika......maybe it's not the in thing anymore and the media have moved on elsewhere?.Earthquake activity is spreading into areas not really renowned for earthquake activity including the recent M6.5 in Botswana, Africa. Volcanic activity also seems to be increasing and the melting of the polar ice caps doesn't seem to raise much interest beyond the scientific community who merely state it is global warming, but is a cause of concern. On You Tube at least there seems to be an increase in interest in the mysterious Planet Niburu with apparently more confirmed sightings accompanied by the ever increasing Chemtrails?, but as yet it is still firmly in the Tin Foil Hat arena of the media world but looks close to tipping over into a possible reality scenario?

So yes there is news out there, there always is, but at this end it has been noticed that it is strangely quiet...eerily so, like a calm before the storm situation or maybe I have been in this game too long and have become immune to these distressing headlines?

It's this video which was released just some hours ago which I watched this morning by somebody with a big following that is of concern.This person like myself is not a crackpot or prone to wild sensationalism or "getting on the You Tube rumour bandwagon" just for the sake of getting a few thousand views and extra subscribers, although he does have thousands of subs, it has to be said.

This channel normally specialises in the more scientific data to back up what is happening to our planet in these End Times and has featured extensively at The Twelve Gates Twitter, but recently it's been a bit quiet on his channel, he has focused on more political topics and this recent video is something to take on board. It's purely embedded into this blog post and really what this post is all about, this topic has not been used as the title for obvious reasons. If you watch this video you will realise why I have called this article "The Strange Quietness" when in fact it should be called what is stated in this video, but it can't for obvious reasons.

If this information which is vague to say the least and totally out of character for this channel, is in fact.... FACT, then as he states in the video this is a serious HEADS UP for the Christian Community if indeed the mentioned person is indeed here now. He states he has the name of this person and no it is not the US President. I personally think things have been fishy since 23 September 2015 and the bizarre events around that time confirm this, so that could have been an arrival point for the "HE that has arrived" that was mentioned in the above video.

Maybe it really is business as usual on Planet Earth and myself and this BP Earthwatch are making something out of nothing......maybe not. As always watch for further news and developments especially over at Twitter @ThatFJ but obviously such headlines will have to be cryptic just like this one.
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